Mwy neu Lai Competition

Your chance to win £100 or more in our weekly competition.

To enter, call 0844 335 1897.

Competition rules for the Mwy neu Lai on Prynhawn Da, 2016

1. These rules relate to the competition 'Mwy neu Lai' that are announced as part of the programme 'Prynhawn Da.'

2. The competition is open to anyone in the UK excluding anyone employed by Tinopolis, Pawb Cyf and S4C, their families or anyone with any contact with the competition.

3. There is a £10 prize offered for every correct question answered within a minute.

4. Those wishing to enter must register their phone number through calling the phone line. The competitor will be chosen at random from all entries. The winner will get the chance to compete as part of PDA to wint the prize. The caller will hear a sereis of questions with numbers as answers within a set time of a minute. The caller does not need to answer the question but state whether the answer is 'more' or 'less' than the previous number. The caller is given a starting number. The time will start when the presenter asks the first question.

5. To register, you need to call 0844 335 1897.

Calls will cost 5p from a BT landline depending on your plan. Calls from other service providers may be more and from a mobile, considerably more. The time of the lines closing will be announced on the programme, do not call after this time as your call won't register and you may still be charged.

6. The caller is selected at random from all entries up to the closing time. Tinopolis' decision is final and any negotiation won't be entered into.

7. The caller will be called on the phone after the lines have closed and before going live to air. If the first number does not answer, the production team will go on to the next number on the list, selected ar random.

8. The phone lines will open between 1400 - 1430 on the date of the competition. Entries after the closing time will not be considered, but the call may be charged for.

9. No purchase necessary to compete.

10. You can compete as many times as you like

11. On the closing date, the name and area the winner lives in will be announced live on the programme.

12. By registring, the competitor agrees that

i. All information is correct and they agree and comply with all the terms of the competition.

ii. Agree to the terms and conditions.

iii. Agree that if they win, Tinopolis and/or S4C may use their name for promotion purposes.

iv. Agree that Tinopolis and/or S4C can use their contribution unconditionally, indefinately, across all platforms for ever.

13. You must compete through the way noted. No applications will be accepted in any other form.

14. Each competitor will be responsible for all taxes, insurance, travel, travelling costs and spending money including any personal expenses except where otherwise state.

15. The prize is non-transferable.

16. Tinopolis and S4C retain the right to exchange the prize for something else of a similar nature or money equivalent. Tinopolis and S4C's decision will be final.

17. Tinopolis nor S4C will not be accountable for any mistake, delay, technical fault or anything else in any form of ccommunication used by the competior, or for applications made after the closing time. It can not be proven that a phone call has necessarily reached it's destination.

18. The winner will receive their cheque by post within 6-8 weeks of competing by a member of Tinopolis by the mode of communication supplied. Proof of posting by Tinopolis will be proof that it has arrived.

19. Tinopolis and/or S4C retain the right to cancel or change the rules or the competition at any point as a result of circumstances beyond their control.

20. Tinopolis and S4C are not responsible for any loss, damage, injury or disappointment to a competitor as a result of them taking part, or what happens to the competitor once they have received the prize.

21. By phoning the phone line, you give Tinopolis, S4C and Pawb Cyf the right to make a note of your phone number for the purposes of administrating the competition. Tinopolis use Pawb Cyf to administer the competiton. Neither, Tinopolis, S4C or Pawb Cyf will transfer any personal information for any purposes other than that of administrating the competition and all data will be destroyed once the competition has ended. Your personal data will be stored in accordance with the Data Protecion Act 1998.

22. This competition is ruled by the laws of Wales and England.

23. This competition is organised and promoted by: Tinopolis, Stryd y Parc, Llanelli, SA15 3TE and any enquiries or complaints should be directed to Gifren Gwylwyr S4C, 0870 600 4141.

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