Support after a cardiac arrest

Details of where to get more help and support after a heart attack.

  • British Heart Foundation Cymru

    Help and support for people with heart and circulatory disease in Wales, with local support groups across Wales.

    0300 330 3322


  • Circulation Foundation

    Support and information about any surgery or treatment for the heart or one of the large blood vessels in your body.


  • Patient.info

    Extensive, good quality health information usually provided by GPs and nurses during consultation.


  • NHS Direct Wales

    NHS Direct Wales is a 24 hour helpline, which can give advice about health and health services across Wales. It is staffed by experienced nurses specially trained to give advice over the phone and provide information about all your local services.

  • Heart Research UK

    A charity that funds research and community projects to improve heart health across the UK. Useful information and more details on the website.


  • British Society for Heart Failure

    Campaigning and researching to improve the chances of preventing, detecting and living with heart failure.


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