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Help for parents with Cyw educational programmes

If you are at home with your children and looking for content which will amuse and educate them, we at S4C can help.

There are lots of Cyw television series and digital content such as apps and games which offer children of nursery age and Foundation Phase to learn through play. Stwnsh can offer factual entertainment programmes which present information in a fun way.

Cyw School

Here is a list of the learning through play series which are available on demand on the Cyw website and currently available on S4C Clic.

  • Abadas


    An animated series which helps develop children's literacy and language skills.

  • Amser Maith, Maith Yn Ôl

    Amser Maith, Maith Yn Ôl


    Two drama series which introduce history to children. These include programmes about the lives of children in Celtic times and the ages of the Tudors, Victoria and the Great War. This series has been created with the help of historians and is suitable for children up to eight years.

  • Antur Natur Cyw

    Antur Natur Cyw

    Documentary programmes about nature and the wildlife around us.

  • Bing



    Documentary programmes about nature and the wildlife around us.

  • Blero yn Mynd i Ocido

    Blero yn Mynd i Ocido


    An animated series about an inquisitive character called Blero who introduces science to children

  • Blociau Rhif

    Blociau Rhif


    An animated series about an inquisitive character called Blero who introduces science to children.

  • Caru Canu

    Caru Canu


    A selection of old and new songs and nursery rhymes for children to learn and sing along. The whole series is also available on You Tube Caru Canu.

  • Dwylo’r Enfys

    Dwylo’r Enfys


    We meet different children in each programme and present 'makaton' – a form of simple sign language for young children.

  • Dysgu Gyda Cyw

    Dysgu Gyda Cyw

    A collection of educational material on a variety of themes.

  • Gwdihŵ


    A factual series about animals of all sorts – pets, farm animals, wild animals and some unusual creatures too.

  • Heini


    A chance to move, dance and keep fit with Heini.

  • Heulwen a Lleu

    Heulwen a Lleu

    Programmes which are a mixture of documentary and animation about the world around us.

  • Jamborî



    Art and music aimed at young children. There are a variety of short items which combine visual images and music which children love.

  • Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Educational programmes for Foundation Phase children which help with literacy.

  • Jen a Jim a’r Cywiadur

    Jen a Jim a’r Cywiadur

    Programmes about numeracy for Foundation Phase children. The Jen and Jim series are available on the Welsh Government's Hwb Addysg and have been created to introduce the curriculum to Foundation Phase pupils.

  • Nos Da Cyw

    Nos Da Cyw

    Sh! The sun is setting so let's get ready for a bedtime story.

  • Oli Wyn

    Oli Wyn


    The lively puppet Oli Wyn loves engines and big vehicles of all sorts – trains, bin lorries, JCBs. This is a series for everybody to enjoy but has been developed especially for children with autism.

  • Sbarc


    Presenter Tudur Phillips delivers science in a fun and amusing way.

  • Sblij a Sbloj

    Sblij a Sbloj

    A series about literacy and recognising words in the company of the two playful characters Sblij a Sbloj.

  • Sbri di Ri

    Sbri di Ri

    Fun while creating art and music.

  • Shwshaswyn



    A special series which helps children forget about the hustle and bustle of life and take a minute to relax and think. Animation which introduces mindfulness.

  • Sigldigwt



    Come to Sigldigwt hotel to see how to look after all sorts of pets.

  • Siôn y Chef

    Siôn y Chef


    Siôn the Chef has fun as he cooks food for his customers. Animated entertainment for children which introduces food and cooking.

  • Straeon Tŷ Pen

    Straeon Tŷ Pen

    Original stories read by familiar faces.

  • Teulu ni

    Teulu ni

    A documentary series which takes a peek at everyday family life.

  • Timpo



    This lively group of friends love to solve problems while working as a team.

  • Y Crads Bach

    Y Crads Bach

    Which creatures live at the seaside? A documentary about wildlife.

  • Y Diwrnod Mawr

    Y Diwrnod Mawr

    In each programme we get to meet a special child who is preparing for a big day in their life. A documentary series about children and their everyday lives.

  • Ysbyty Cyw Bach

    Ysbyty Cyw Bach

    A series which shows what happens when you go to hospital.

Cyw worksheets


A chance to take your child on an adventure full of fun, to discover, to learn and to play together.

  • Ap Byd Cyw

    Ap Byd Cyw

    Welcome to Cyw World - a fun filled app for kids who love games, stories, songs and exploration!

  • Ap Cyw Tiwb

    Ap Cyw Tiwb

    The app has been designed with young children in mind, so you can rest assured that it will be easily navigable for small hands, and that they will find great content appropriate for children aged 0-6.

  • Ap Cyw a’r wyddor

    Ap Cyw a’r wyddor

    Have fun learning the Welsh alphabet with your child. You can form letters, look at the animals and sing along with the alphabet song!

  • Ap Cyfri gyda Cyw

    Ap Cyfri gyda Cyw

    Have fun with your children as they learn to count to ten in Welsh! Read the flash cards and touch the screen to count, drive the bus to draw the numbers and play the counting games.

Study with Stwnsh

Stwnsh can offer factual entertainment programmes which present information in a fun way. Enjoy!

  • Bwystfil



    Which animals are the most fierce, poisonous and fast. Animal Top 10.

  • Boom


    A factual series about extreme science. Don't do this at home!

  • Coginio


    Cookery competition.

  • Ffeil


    New episodes

    Daily news for children.

  • Un Cwestiwn

    Un Cwestiwn


    A challenging quiz for children.

  • Y Llys

    Y Llys

    Live history through the eyes of children who travel back in time.

  • Fideo Fi

    Fideo Fi

    A selection of original films by children on the Stwnsh website.

More online resources

  • BBC


    For more online resources to keep your children occupied (and learning!) at home, follow this link to BBC Website.

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