S4C paving the way with new series raising awareness of LGBT community

17 May 2019

More can be done to reflect the LGBT community to children and young people on the media, but a new series that will soon broadcast on S4C's pre-teen service, Stwnsh, is certainly a positive step in the right direction, according to S4C's Children's Content Commissioner, Sioned Wyn Roberts.

The new series, Ymbarél, is aimed at children between 11-13 years old and celebrates diversity and individuality. As a series of five short-form films, Ymbarél will broadcast film by film each afternoon from Monday to Friday, 20 to 24 May on S4C Stwnsh.

"Ymbarél is certainly a positive step in the right direction for S4C and Stwnsh. We all need to take responsibility and make an effort to change attitudes towards the LGBT community," said Sioned Wyn Roberts, "I hope that this is only the starting point, and there'll be even more diversity on new series on the channel in the future."

With recent debates growing about LGBT education in schools, this series is an innovative step for S4C. This is the first series of its kind on S4C, and no other similar programmes have yet been seen on other channels for children and young people.

The aim of the series is to reassure children and young people to 'not to be afraid to be yourself', and ignite conversations about diversity and individuality. Through means of drama, music, and animations, Ymbarél reflects true stories of young people and their personal experiences relating to LGBT matters. Four young faces will present the series, with many of them a part of the LGBT community.

From homophobia to coming out, the series will touch on many different aspects which have never before been discussed so openly to children and young people on the channel.

"Ymbarél's message is for everyone to be kind, to celebrate the things that make us all different and to love people as they are. But as well as raising awareness, the most important thing of all is that the viewers will be entertained by the series," added Sioned, "and if we manage to help one person in Wales with Ymbarél, then the series will have been a success."

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