S4C launch Lŵp – a chance to enjoy more music on the channel

S4C is launching a new strand of cross-platform content focusing on music and contemporary Welsh culture - Lŵp.

Musical performances will be at the heart of what Lŵp has to offer, but the channel will also showcase a wide range of cultural and art forms.

Programmes will take viewers on visual journeys across the wide spectrum of new Welsh music, including festivals, genres and specific artists. As well as music, the channel will give prominence to art, photography, film and literature.

Lŵp content will be published online on social media and televised in a series of special short programmes and a highlights programme.

The series will premiere on Thursday 22 August with the programme Lŵp: Gigs 'Steddfod, which will show some of the best musical performances and events during this year's National Eisteddfod, as well as a host of arts exhibitions which were on display in Llanrwst in early August.

"The main aim of Lŵp is to hold a mirror up to the Welsh musical scene," said Elen Rhys, S4C Entertainment Commissioner.

"So much is happening within the Welsh language scene at the moment, and not just musically, but in all forms of art. Exciting events are being held in all corners of Wales and talented artists are contributing so much. S4C is proud to provide a platform to this thriving scene and to give viewers the opportunity to enjoy what is happening."

Lŵp will take over from the Ochr 1 brand with a different emphasis on style, in order to showcase more new music on S4C on television and online.

"We saw a gap in the channel's music provision," said Rhodri ap Dyfrig, S4C Online Content Commissioner. "And while Hansh has featured music prominently in recent years, we saw the need for more consistent TV programs to convey what is happening during the year as well as strengthen online content"

Lŵp: Gigs 'Steddfod

Thursday 22 August, 9.30pm, S4C

Available to watch on-demand at S4C Clic, iPlayer and other platforms An Antena production for S4C
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