Health & Safety policy change for companies supplying programes to S4C


From June 2015, S4C will join BBC, ITV & Sky to work together in sharing information provided during pre- commissioning health & safety checks. This will replace the previous requirement by S4C of a named person to be applied to individual "briefs" for programmes.

The process From June 2015, S4C's independent production companies will complete health & safety reviews as part of the commissioning process. To unify the reviews, the broadcasters have agreed a single set of health & safety questions that form the shared 'health and safety review' questionnaire. Model answers have also been agreed to make sure there is consistency in the responses accepted.

Production companies will be able to download the documents from the S4C website and submit the completed questionnaire plus supporting documentation to their business manager. Once information that meets or exceeds the agreed model has been received, details will be entered into a shared database. Database information will be shared only with member broadcasters (currently BBC,ITV & SKY)and be valid for all productions with a low-medium risk profile for a period of 3 years, regardless of broadcaster. Specific productions involving higher risk activities or locations will be subject to additional review from the commissioning broadcaster.

If a company fails to meet the model response submitted to S4C, we will let the producer know, and give some advice as to how to meet the standard. It should be noted that only health & safety information gathered via the questionnaire and its supporting documentation will be made available to the other broadcasters, no other information requested as part of the commissioning process will be shared.

Productions that have been commissioned and companies already supplying S4C will be encouraged to take part in the process as soon as possible by completing the questionnaire however new commissions will be subject to the new policy and will be required to complete the questionnaire.

Health & safety monitoring Each broadcaster will continue to have their own terms relating to health & safety compliance and monitoring that should be followed. Monitoring information gathered by any broadcaster will not be shared.

Health & safety advice Responsibility for health and safety management on commissioned productions has not changed. Independent producers continue to be responsible for health & safety arrangements within their organisation, and are responsible for meeting their legal duties. For this reason, producers should have access to independent health & safety advice. Broadcasters such as S4C won't normally provide advice, unless it is a condition of the commission contract.

Any further clarification can be requested via your company's business manager or via Rhys Bevan (rhys.bevan@s4c.cymru) at S4C

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