2016 Production News

15-Dec-2016 - Draft best practice document for child performance to accompany guidance

14-Dec-2016 - REMINDER: Closing date for Celtic Format Initiative

12-Dec-2016 - Pre-Qualification Questionnaire for the provision of Development and Support Services for an S4C Intranet

09-Dec-2016 - S4C announce that its CEO will be stepping down from his role at the end of 2017

21-Nov-2016 - Celtic Format Pilot Scheme 2016/2017

18-Nov-2016 - New Cyw App

24-Oct-2016 - Webinar: Gwyn Williams: Director of Communication

19-Oct-2016 - Develop a new app for Cyw

30-Sept-2016 - S4C appoints new Head of Content Distribution

23-Aug-2016 - Co-Production Guidelines

18-Aug-2016 - S4C Sector Meetings

18-Aug-2016 - Casting Guidelines

12-Aug-2016 - Invitation for Ideas: Merched y Wawr

26-July-2016 - MCPS Cue Sheets

18-July-2016 - Letter from our CEO, Ian Jones

17-July-2016 - Invitation for Ideas : Year of Legends

05-Apr-2016 - Pact Export Accelerator Workshop

18-Mar-2016 - The Referendum Period

18-Mar-2016 - How the Viewers' Hotline can help you

11-Mar-2016 - Tape and paperwork delivery and liquidated damages

02-Mar-2016 - Craft of Comedy Conference

01-Mar-2016 - Ofcom Election Rules Workshop – An Invitation

15-Feb-2016 - S4C Webinars

15-Feb-2016 - High Definition

12-Feb-2016 - Problems phoning S4C in an emergency

10-Feb-2016 - Update – Sony/S4C Format Initiative

10-Feb-2016 - IAAF World Half Marathon Championships Cardiff 2016

04-Feb-2016 - The Election Period

04-Feb-2016 - BBC Clips

20-Jan-2016 - Sony/S4C format

20-Jan-2016 - Delivery Dates

20-Jan-2016 - Celtic Media Festival: New Opportunity for Independent Production Companies

20-Jan-2016 - Invitation to express interest: A special film for children as part of the EBU Drama Series

14-Jan-2016 - CYFRWNG Conference

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