As audience viewing patterns evolve to embrace non-linear as well as scheduled content, it's an exciting time for drama on S4C.

Our ambition is to commission drama that excites and challenges the audience whilst delivering strong stories that feel inherently Welsh. We are looking for original, striking and provocative ideas from well-known authors and new talent.

Cornerstones of the channel's drama output are our two soap operas; Rownd a Rownd, which broadcasts twice a week, and of course Pobol y Cwm, which is broadcast five times a week, with an omnibus on Sunday.

The main drama slot is 9 o'clock on a Sunday night which is where series such as Bang, Un Bore Mercher, Craith and Parch have recently been scheduled. The popular school drama 'Gwaith Cartref' also broadcasts in the 8 o'clock, hour long Wednesday night slot.

Crime dramas have a well-earned home on the channel and there is always an appetite for this type of drama, but we are also looking for different genres; comedy dramas, family dramas, issue based dramas, indeed any type of drama that has a strong story, strong characters and is relevant to our audience.

It's important to note that we'll be looking to commission f6 rather than 8 part drama runs in in the future. To encourage variety in our schedule, we are also looking for mini-series of 3 -4 hours as well as occasional standalone 90' films

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