How the Viewers' Hotline can help you

The S4C Viewers' Hotline is a direct contact between S4C and the viewers. But they can help you too.

Who is the Hotline?

The Hotline team is based at our office in Caernarfon. The team is made up of four officers – Siôn, Menai, Iestyn and Elisabeth - working in shifts from 9.00am until 10.00pm, 7 days a week.

They're more than happy to help!

Recruiting people to take part

Use the Hotline's contact details to recruit contributors, competitors or audiences for your programmes.

The Hotline number is already used widely and another huge advantage is that the team are available to answer calls from viewers until 10.00pm every day.

Before using the Hotline's number on promotional material, please give them a call to discuss:

  • What is the programme?
  • What information do you want them to collect for you?
  • Where and when will you be promoting the Hotline's details?
  • A contact on the production team to share the viewers' details safely and so they can ask you question if they need help.

The Hotline team will collect the caller's name, contact details and any other information you want them to gather for you. They will then ask for the caller's permission to share those details with you.

The details will be sent to you, as arranged, and it is your responsibility to contact the caller to discuss further.


  1. When promoting the S4C Viewers' Hotline's phone number you must include the cost: (Calls cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number.)
  2. You are not permitted to use the names and contact details for any other purpose – e.g. to recruit for future programmes - without the caller's permission.

Contact sioned.williams@s4c.cymru to discuss further.

Viewers' Comments

Every comment we receive about programmes and services are logged and stored.

If you would like to see comments about your programmes, you're welcome to request a copy of the reports.

There are two conditions:

  1. That you accept that the comments shared will be anonymous.
  2. We trust in you to treat the information responsibly and it will not be shared outside the production team.

Contacting S4C in an emergency

If you ever have trouble contacting someone at S4C in an emergency, try contacting the Hotline and they will do their best to pass on a message.

Especially if you have trouble contacting the technical team or MCR outside Office hours; try the Hotline number.

Contact the Hotline:


0370 600 4141 (Calls cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number.)


Uned 1

Doc Fictoria



LL55 1TH

The Viewers' Hotline also monitors and responds on S4C's Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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