S4C is delighted to announce that following last year's launch of the brand new online comedy stream in June 2019 we are looking for more content. The content will be published from late November 2019 through to March 2020.

The content will be produced for online publishing on various platforms such as Clic, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. There is a possibility that the content will be broadcast on television therefore it is important that consideration is given to key areas such as clearances & technical requirements for all platforms.

We welcome and are open to all sorts of ideas for an audience of all ages, in particular short form content packages of various sketches which are relevant in subject and situations to the 25 + age group.

Please note that this is not part of the HANSH brand but will be aimed at a wider demographic.

We are not looking to commission sit com content in this round.

As this will be aimed at a wide audience of all ages, we welcome ideas for bold comedy as well as comedy of a lighter nature.

We're happy to accept ideas that gives a platform for new talent as well as experienced talent, whether on or off screen.

We're primarily looking for packages of short form content of 3 to 5 pieces to run between 2-4 minutes in duration.

When proposing the new ideas, you should be able to clearly show:

To whom is the content targeted?

An outline of the sort of content and the visual treatment noting the talent attached to the idea

Shooting and draft publication schedule

If the content depends on individual new talent, a link to watch a taster video.

Simple overview of the production processes to include copyright, compliance, workflow and delivery methodology.

The production budget is subject to the content and we're looking to commission on an approximate tariff of £500.00 - £1,000.00 per minute.

How to present an idea?

If you're interested, please send your ideas as a Word document or PDF of no more than 4 pages and less than 5mb to comedidigidol@s4c.cymru by 18:00 Monday September 30th 2019. You can present more than one idea however they will need to be sent separately. We will acknowledge all applications by email.

S4C's production website http://www.s4c.cymru/en/production/ offers useful information regarding delivery, contracts and technical queries should you have any questions regarding the production process.

Elen Rhys, Entertainment Commissioner and Rhodri ap Dyfrig On-line Commissioner, intend to choose a short list early in October 2019, however we reserve the right to amend the timetable and will inform you vie email.

If successful you will be required to follow the commissioning system Cwmwl's requirement, and this should not be used in this instance without an application.

We look forward to receiving your ideas.

We reserve the right not to commission any one of the proposals received.

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