Radio Gaga is a successful Belgian format which has been sold to a number of countries across the globe. If you are interested in applying, then please contact Siân Davies from the Business Affairs Department: sian.davies@s4c.cymru to receive material that provides the background for the format, clips etc to help your application.What are we looking for?

S4C is keen to commission a 6 x 60' series of Radio Gaga using this format and adjusting it to a degree for S4C's audience. We are looking to start broadcasting the programme in June 2020 on Sunday evening at 8 o'clock.

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of:

• How you would customize the tone and settings of the format for S4C's audience? We like the filmic style and the storytelling but care must be taken to avoid the tone and content being too intense. You also need the warmth, the intensity and the amusement to show through.

• Which venues would you visit for the 6 programs and why?

• Who are the potential presenters and why? Remember you need two people who can listen as well as draw stories and present.

• Who is the production team?

• How would you create complementary digital content that will attract a wide audience to watch, engage and discuss the content?

You should aim to include the above information in your application.


• 6 x 60' long series

• Radio Gaga Format

• Digital content to attract a wide Audience


Depending on the content, we are looking at commissioning the content at a tariff of between £ 60,000.00 - £ 70,000.00 per hour.


We are inviting content ideas for broadcast in June 2020.

We will notify companies if they are successful by 20 December 2019.

How to present an idea?

Please send your idea in PDF pitch / slideshow document no more than 2 pages long by 12pm, Friday 13th December 2019.

Send your entries to galwad@s4c.cymru

You may submit more than one application. We reserve the right not to commission any bids received.

We very much look forward to receiving your proposals.

What if you don't have a production company?

If you are an individual who is not currently associated with a production company and would like to submit an idea, please note that you will need to apply through a production company at this commissioning round.

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