Invitation to tender for the supply and installation of a temporary building at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, Carmarthenshire 2014 and Montgomeryshire and the Marches 2015

Issued: Friday, 21 February 2014

Deadline for queries: Midday, Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Deadline for submissions: Midday, Friday 7 March 2014

Invitation to tender for the supply and installation of a temporary building at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, Carmarthenshire 2014 and Montgomeryshire and the Marches 2015

Question 1

Do you have a layout plan of the requested temporary building (option A and/or B) or to give some indication, the layout from last years event (if relevant)?

Answer 1

It will be the responsibility of the successful company to work with the events team to agree a final layout. Last year the front of the building lay horizontal with decking to the front. A vertical theatre is housed behind the S4C side. Behind the stage were the other rooms noted (office, makeup room, green room etc). Within S4Cs front of house is the hospitality area with exterior balcony.

Question 2

Do you have any photos of the temporary building from last year to give an indication of internal fit out style?

Answer 2

Pictures of last year's structure are available to view below for reference.

Question 3

What are the ground conditions for the temporary building to be sited (concrete / grass), and is it level?

Answer 3

This years site was previously an industrial site and is now used as a festival site. The successful company will be expected to inspect the exact location of our temporary build and ensure that the structure is then level. There is grass at the site.

Question 4

The tender mentions 500 sqm. Are you looking for a modular setup or jackleg cabins?

Answer 4

We tender is open to interpretation and companies should suggest the structure they think most suitable whilst being visually appealing in order to draw in visitors.

Question 5

In previous years was the catering area a separate structure?

Answer 5

No, internal walls were erected to create the kitchen and hospitality area.

Question 6

Can you please quantify the type of finish that you require for the decked area in front of the main entrance and to the side of the corporate hospitality area?

Answer 6

As we have a large footfall and inclement weather the patio needs to be non-slip. Our presenters also perform on the patio (including dancing by our children's presenters). Last year the decking ran the length of the front of the S4C building with a ramp, steps, handrail and a raised staging area of 7.5m x 2.5m x 0.2m. A patio ran the length of the partners front of house with a raised stage 5m x 2.5 x 0.2, ramp, steps and handrail. The hospitality patio should be approximately 8m x 3m.

Question 7

Do you require us to provide any lighting within the structure?

Answer 7

No a separate company is responsible for A/V.

Question 8

The visual that was sent through for the theatre area (attached below) shows AV monitors and speakers, projectors etc, can you confirm if this is required in the quote? Can you also please provide a bit of clarification on the size of stage, type of screen and what you require within the AV booth?

Answer 8

The tender is for the structure and excludes audio/visual equipment. The theatre should include a 0.2m raised stage 6m x 6m, wings, and white back walls in which we can project footage. Internal walls to create the A/V booth is all that is required.

Question 9

Can you clarify whether any element of sound proofing or limiting is required between the different areas or use?

Answer 9

The only area where an element of soundproofing would be beneficial is between the theatre and front of house.

Question 10

I note that your flat panels are available for use, and wonder whether these were used to sub-divide areas in the past and as such were deemed adequate in terms of sound proofing?

Answer 10

The flat panels were used to the inner wall of the structure and create internal walls.

Question 11

Is the total budget £59k?

Answer 11

£59K is the total budget for elements noted in the tender in 2014.

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