Digital Switchover Communications Campaign for S4C

Application Form for inclusion in the shortlist to tender for the provision of S4C's digital switchover communications campaign

Question 1:

Could you advise on the filling out of the application form? The brief suggests that we complete the application form provided, however it is a PDF so that will be difficult. Can you supply the Word document from which the PDF was made or can we recreate our own presentation making sure we answer all the questions clearly and in the same order?

Answer 1:

Applicants may recreate the Application Form but it is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure that all requested information is included under the relevant headings. A Word document of the Application Form is available on request, however as noted above, it is the Applicant's responsibility to ensure that all information is submitted. If a Word version of the Application Form is created or completed, Applicants should ensure that the Declaration at the end of the Form is signed and that the complete Application Form is scanned and sent to S4C electronically.

Question 2:

Can you please tell me if the applicant name on the PPQ refers to the name of the business or the name of the person applying on behalf of the business?

Answer 2:

The applicant name refers to the name of the company.

Question 3:

Can you please provide additional information as to what is meant by the term 'event management' when used in the context of this tender application by S4C. "Applicants must have experience of and expertise in ... event management". Additionally in section H. Quality Assurance of the application form, the questions ends with the term ".... professional delivery and management of the events". Can you clarify if these events are in the same context as the term 'event management' as mentioned above. If not, can you also please clarify what is meant by this phrase.

Answer 3:

S4C's definition would be the overall mangement of an event, including but not limited to, planning and development, staffing, liaising with external bodies, contractual and licensing issues, and the execution of the event. Section H asks for clarification of how the Applicant will ensure quality assurance in relation to the event management (as defined above).

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