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Sombis! Byd y Meirw Byw

What's the appeal of the Zombies - the lure of the living dead?

Autumn is the season of the supernatural and the spooky! On Friday, 1 November S4C will broadcast a programme about those other-worldly creatures - Zombies - that are remarkably popular in books and on screen.

The programme, Sombis! Byd y Meirw Byw will ask why the Zombies cult has established itself so prominently in literature, film and television and whether there is a connection between Zombies and Welsh literature.

The world of the Zombies has become an international cult. But what is their appeal and where did these rotting creatures originate?

As a fan of the Zombie genre, this documentary is the perfect vehicle for children's poet laureate and TV presenter Aneirin Karadog to delve deeper into the world of the living dead. On his journey he will be discussing various ways in which the cult has made its presence felt in the hope of opening up the subject for further debate and the journey takes quite a few twists and turns.

Gary Slaymaker will add some humour trying to explain what Zombies are and how to get rid of them if they gang up on you - a handy tip in order to survive the Apocalypse. Professor Sioned Davies, Eurig Salisbury and Dr Dylan Foster Evans discuss possible connections between Zombies and Welsh literature as far back as the stories of the Mabinogion.

The biochemist, Heledd Dafydd answers whether it's possible for humanity as we know it to be completely destroyed by plagues and we hear the true story of the Reverend Guto Prys ap Gwynfor's encounter with a Zombie in the flesh in Guyana in 1990.

Minister of religion, Griffith Jones of Swansea, wrote horror stories in the '60s and '70s and we learn more about this little-known author. The programme also considers the authenticity of the argument that those who lost their lives in the legendary drowning of Cantre'r Gwaelod now lie under Cors Fochno bog at Borth, near Aberystwyth.

Horror film experts Nia Edwards-Behi and Siôn Griffiths will discuss the living dead in the context of film and television.

Producer of the programme, Sioned Geraint, said, "George A. Romero's famous 1968 film 'Night of the Walking Dead' created the genre but its popularity in the last five years or so is mainly down to the American TV series 'The Walking Dead'.

"As the genre is re-defined it's possible to look back at aspects of Welsh literature in a different way and see the connections with the living dead."

Aneirin Karadog said, "The hope is that the programme will create further debate regarding the question 'What is a Zombie?' and the assertion that Zombies appear in Welsh literature. We also hope the programme will help educate those who know nothing about Zombies and offer those interested in the subject something more to consider."