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Fferm Ffactor

The Final


Aled is the winner of Fferm Ffactor 2009!

The farmer from Cardigan has won the title and can drive home in his brand new Isuzu 4x4.

The Series

An exciting new series to find Wales' best Farmer!

The ten farmers

The 10 farmers will go head to head in tasks that will test their practical skills on the farm as well as testing their knowledge of the farming industry.

Every week one of the farmers will have to go home - shattering the dream of winning the super prize - a brand new Isuzu Rodeo Denver Max 4x4.

By the end of Fferm Ffactor only one farmer will remain and he or she will get to drive home in style!

The Judges

Fferm Ffactor judges

Dai Jones Llanilar and Professor Wynne Jones, Headmaster of Harper Adams Agricultural Collage in Shropshire, have the hard task of deciding who will stay and who will go on Fferm Ffactor. And mediating between the two will be presenter and ffarmer Daloni Metcalfe.

"I'm really looking forward to judging this exciting series - It'll be an opportunity for the viewers to see how varied and challenging a farmer's work is today, and how much the industry has developed over the years."

Dai Jones

"In Fferm Ffactor I'll be looking for broad minded people who are willing to learn and move forward all the time. They must possess personal qualities as much as technical and practical abilities to take advantage of opportunities."

Yr Athro Wynne Jones

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