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Client: British Telecom


The overall objectives were to encourage the use of BT’s 118 404 Welsh-language directory enquiries service, by reminding Welsh speakers of the service and, highlighting the number, thereby increasing the number of calls to that number.

Media Airtime

The airtime was almost exclusively all Welsh-language programming and was spread over six weeks to ensure maximum reach of Welsh speakers tuning in to Welsh-language programming. As most of these programmes are broadcast during peak times, the schedule was predominantly on air during peak hours.


A number of different commercials were filmed using the same actress. Various scenarios were depicted whereby the character in the commercial needed the services provided by 118 404. These included needing the number of a taxi company to get home after a serious shopping spree. All of the executions were produced to top and tail the breaks with a 20 and 10-second commercial.


During the first week of the campaign airing on S4C, BT saw an increase of 10% in the calls to the 118 404 service. This number has continued to increase as the campaign has been rolled out.

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