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Client: J H Williams & Sons


JH Williams and sons are a specialist and collectable retailer of china and table decorations. They had especially commissioned a china figurine of a traditionally dressed Welsh lady from Royal Doulton. These are high value, highly collectable figures and appeal to both serious collectors and the high value gift market alike. As this figurine was dressed in traditional costume it was felt that the main market would be within Wales and would appeal to individuals with a high disposable income.


A television campaign was designed to reach ABC1 adults; this maximised the opportunities of reaching this upmarket audience and was augmented with a number of hand picked programmes that would be appropriate for the commercial.


The execution for the TV commercial was very simple but polished. It showed high quality close ups of the figurine and was complemented by a voiceover and music with clear contact details placed on the end board in order to maximise response.


The results were extremely positive. The figurine sold out and the advertiser has returned to the channel with a number of other collectable figurine projects. Each time the products have sold well and demonstrated substantial return on investment.

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