Christine James’ Pethe

This week, Pethe is welcoming the new archdruid Christine James to pick her cultural highlights for the week ahead. It’ll be a very busy and exciting week for Christine, and we wish her the very best of luck along with everyone else taking part at the Eisteddfod in Denbigh.

RobatArwynRobat Arwyn and Messiah Handel

I’m very fond of choral music, and look forward to listening to two completely different composers performing at the Pavilion. Robat Arwyn will be at the opening concert on Friday, and Messiah Handel on Saturday. I’ve very much enjoyed singing some of their work in different choirs over the years.

LleCelfY Lle Celf

I also like looking at art work. One very special appointment in my diary each year is to visit the art space at the Eisteddfod. I know I’ll be mesmerised by some pieces, and completely baffled by others.

HywelTeifiBro a Bywyd: Hywel Teifi Edwards

It’s very appropriate that Tegwyn Jones will be launching his latest novel on Hywel Teifi Edwards in the series ‘Bro a Bywyd’ at the Eisteddfod. According to Tegwyn Jones, his purpose was to let Hywel’s voice be heard through the many quotations. For many years, Hywel was the head of the Welsh Department whilst I was studying at Swansea University. I can hear him shouting now ‘J├óms, I have a job for you!’ Yes, he was the head of department, but he was also a great mentor and an honest friend. I’m looking forward to hearing his voice through the pages of this novel.

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