Rownd a Rownd’s paperboys (and girls!)


Adam, Dewi, Dyfan and Nel have the best jobs in Rownd a Rownd at the moment. The four of them are the current paperboys (and girl) at Morton’s.

Having a paper round is such a prestigious job in Cilbedlam that Adam was given his round as a birthday present by Callum!

Approximately 30 paper boys and girls have had a regular round since the very first series – including Mr Lloyd – but do you know who the four original paper boys were?

In the very first episode broadcast in 1995, Dylan Parri, Mei Hughes and Ari Jones were the three who got up early to collect their bags full of newspapers from Islwyn Morgan at Morton’s, and shortly after, Dylan’s sister, Ffion, persuaded Islwyn that she was both old enough and responsible enough to have a round too.

But what happened to the four?

Arwel Jones, or Ari as he was known, was the first person to appear in the first episode of Rownd a Rownd as he ate his breakfast at half past six in the morning, wishing he was still in bed.

Ari was also the first of the original four to leave Cilbedlam when he went off to Glasgow to study Civil Engineering.

Dylan was the second person to appear in the first episode of Rownd a Rownd … and the first to speak … as he complained about being woken by Ffion, who wanted to follow him on his round!

Having finished his A levels, Dylan left Cilbedlam to study in Manchester, but he returned, along with Ari, to celebrate Terry and Glenda’s wedding on Millennium eve.

Mei stayed in Cilbedlam after leaving school taking a job as the local newspaper’s photographer … after giving up his round, of course!

After several failed relationships with several of Cilbedlam’s ladies, Mei found the love of his life as he married Emma in a simple ceremony with very little fuss.

In fact, the only people present at the wedding except for Mei and Emma were Mal and Terry who acted as witnesses, and before too long the couple had moved to Cardiff along with Elin, Emma’s daughter, after Mei had been accepted onto a photography course in the capital.

Ffion was the last of the four to leave the village. After her mother, Anna and her partner, Bob ‘Beics’, moved to Ireland to run a golf club, Ffion stayed in Cilbedlam to finish her studies at Ysgol Glanrafon and moved to live with Nia.

She left Cilbedlam after leaving school in order to run her father, Glyn’s restaurant in Morecambe.

Playlist: Series 16, Episode 48

Y Gwir yn Erbyn y Byd- Vates
Heyla- Frizbee
Promenad- Sarah Louise
Cocadwdldw- Fflur Dafydd a’r Barf
Tybed Be Ddaw- Al Lewis a’r Band
Hapus- Hefin Huws
Pen y Byd- Sarah Louise
Dy Enw Di- Iwan Roberts
Creaduriaid Nosol- Frizbee
Disgyn- Cyrion
Trip Cynta- Y Rei
Yn Dy Ben- Messner

Filming the finale – video blog

Watch Rheinallt’s (Callum) personal video diary to see what went on behind the scenes during the recording of the musical show that features in the last episode of this season of Rownd a Rownd!

Playlist: Series 16, Episode 47

Byw! – Anweledig
Deli Shelley- Maharishi
Madrach- Derwyddon Dr Gonzo
Bachgen Wyt Ti- Einir Dafydd
Simsalabim- Sibrydion
Mwya’r Brys- Dyfrig Evans
Fel Hyn Am Byth- Yr Ods
Paid Troi Dy Gefn- Elin Fflur
Diasbedain- Sibrydion
Min Nos Monterey- Swci Boscawen
Pendraphen- Frizbee
Fel Storm- Lleuwen Steffan
Yr Unig Beth Dwi Isho- Y Bandana
Ble Aeth y Miwsig- Gwibdaith Hen Fran
Yn y Nos- Masters in France
Gofyn- Frizbee
Nid Teledu Oedd y Bai- Yr Ods
Gofyn- Frizbee
Llwch- Cyrion

Playlist: Series 16, Episode 46

Can y Tân- Y Bandana
Fan Hyn- Arwel Gruffudd
Dyddiau Da- Drymbago
Y Gan Go Iawn- Fflur Dafydd a’r Barf
Tlysau- Daniel Lloyd a Mr Pinc
Nagazaki- Masters In France
Bore Sadwrn- Lleuwen Steffan
Winnie Bago- Llwyd
Milgi- Masters in France
Glaw yn y Dail- Jen Jeniro
Lle Hoffwn Fod- Al Lewis a’r Band
Cariad Cynnes- Ginge a Cello Boi
Arswyd Pen y Syrcas- Y Rei
Symud Ymlaen- Sarah Louise
Y Ffordd Ti’n Troi Dy Lygaid- Yr Ods
Straeon y Cymdogion- Mim Twm Llai
Mitsubishi- Y Rei
Tyrd Yn Ôl- Al Lewis a’r Band