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Callum. – While Dani is glad Cherry made the right decision in church, past … Watch now

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Rownd a Rownd will not be on for a while! We will be back on screen in September! More

Playlist: Series 16, Episode 3

Tu Ôl i’r Wên — Brigyn
Twyllo’r Twyllwr — Mr Huw
Isel — Brigyn
Byw I’r Funud — Dyfrig Evans
Z-list — Mattoidz
123 — Gwibdaith Hen Fran
Arswyd Pen y Syrcas — Y Rei
Mwya’r Brys — Dyfrig Evans

Playlist: Series 16, Episode 2

Ffyrdd Gwyrdd — Creision Hud
Lle Hoffwn Fod — Al Lewis a’r Band
Dulyn — Mon-Heli
Popeth yn Newid — Garej Dolwen
Caffi Gaerwen — Tony ac Aloma
Un O’r Pla — Big Leaves
Fel Hyn Am Byth — Yr Ods
Milgi — Masters In France
Harbwr Diogel — Elin Fflur a’r Moniars
Ffwl Ohonaf I — Dylan a Neil
Cacen Mamgu — Race Horses
Falle — Garej Dolwen

The scaffolding stunt!

The director Lowri Evans explains how the stunt in the first episode of the new series was planned and filmed.

Playlist: Series 15, Episode 1

Cariad Dros Chwant — Hefin Huws
Gwena — Gwibdaith Hen Fran
Isho Bod Yn Rhywun — Cofi Bach & Tew Shady
Nid Llwynog Oedd Yr Haul — Geraint Lvgreen a’r Enw Da
Rocars Cymraeg — Wyrligigs
Ffyrdd Gwyrdd — Creision Hud
Un Peth Ar Y Tro — Martyn Rowlands
Gwas y Diafol — Dyfrig Evans
Tân Ar Fynydd Cennin — Bryn Fôn
Da Iawn — Iwcs a Doyle

Production Office

be sy'n digwydd

I’m writing this piece whilst drying my feet which have been soaked by the massive pond which has formed underneath my desk from all the crying in the production office – yeah! it’s that time of year again when we wave our farewells to the cast and crew after finishing filming yet another series of Rownd a Rownd.

In the meantime, we have locked the scriptwriters in the office until they construct another colourful series of Rownd a Rownd. Once we receive a brand spanking new copy of the scripts the scpitwriters will be freed and the production crew will get the big green lights to go and sort everything out before we start filming in June. New series equals new characters, new costumes, a Postman Pat van full of make-up, sets, locations, cars…. there’s loads to do over the next couple of months! Something I’m personally working on at the moment is trying to persuade the Production team that it would be a great idea for me to film all the web stuff on location in Hawaii – but to no success so far unfortunately! Why don’t you give me your support by starting a Facebook group: ‘I think that it would be a great idea for the web stuff person from Rownd a Rownd to film his stuff on location in Hawaii!!!’

If you have any comments on the current series remember about our pages on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace…

Series 15 has been a blast to make! Highlights include the filming in Spain, The Christmas special: Filming in the cold seas of Anglesey for the water dip and filming the montage- carol singers, brass band, donkeys and all! Filming in the Students house, Poor Callum’s adoption headache, Arthur – just what is he up to?! Car stunts…..

be sy'n digwydd