Gary Roberts yn gadael Bangor



Dydd Iau, 6 Jul 2017, 16:01

Mae capten Bangor, Gary Roberts wedi gadael y clwb i ymuno â Southport yn dilyn achosion o gamfihafio yn ôl datganiad ar wefan Bangor.

Roberts oedd un o chwaraewyr gorau Bangor y tymor diwethaf, yn gadarn fel cefnwr de a chyfrannu’n ymosodol gan sgorio chwe gôl mewn 25 ymddangosiad yn y gynghrair.

Datganiad Clwb Pêl-droed Bangor:
“Following numerous incidents of unprofessional behaviour by the player, it was agreed that in the best interests of both parties that a parting of the ways was the only way forward.

“The new Southport FC management team has pursued the player for the last few weeks. Therefore, it was inevitable that this caused a disruption to the player’s attitude towards the club.

“Over the last few months, club officials and management have supported the player when many a club would have dismissed him for gross misconduct.

“We as Bangor City FC will not tolerate any misconduct by anyone involved with the club. It is against what the club stands for, shows a complete lack of respect and commitment to the management, board, his teammates and most importantly, the great fans of this club.

“No-one is bigger than Bangor City FC. It is a great club with a rich history and tradition, and when a player states in the week leading up to a massive European game that he no longer wants to play for the club, we were left with no alternative other than to release him from his contract.

“We wish him well for the future, and hope that one day he realises what a massive opportunity he has given up.

“We urge our supporters to keep the faith as we are trying to do the right things for this great club.”