A case of mistaken milestones?

Euskadi v Cymru
Gary Pritchard

Gary Pritchard

Monday, 4 Mar 2013, 14:15

Whilst the rest of the world’s media has been salivating over the prospect of Ryan Giggs’ “1000th match” you might be forgiven for wondering why we at Sgorio hadn’t yet mentioned it.

Well, to be honest, the reason is that we think everybody has got their sums wrong!

Looking up Giggs’ match stats on Wikipedia is all well and good, but in order to come up with the correct figure, one has to do a bit of research!

Having made his senior debut for Manchester United against Everton on 2 March 1991, Giggs has made an incredible 652 appearances in the league over the course of 23 seasons.

When you add in his FA Cup, League Cup and European appearances as well as the odd Inter Continental and Fifa World Club match, the total reaches a staggering 931 appearances for the Old Trafford club.

Now the problems with the media’s maths occur when you start adding in his international appearances.

Giggs won 64 Welsh caps and for some unexplained reason, somebody somewhere has added in his four ‘caps’ for TeamGB in the Olympics.

The reason I say “for some unexplained reason” is because the Olympics is an under 23 tournament for which Giggs was chosen as one of three ‘overage’ players.

If people are including these appearances, then surely his solitary Welsh under 21 should be included?

Then, to further complicate matters, despite winning 64 caps for his country, Giggs actually represented Wales on 65 occasions.

He captained Wales in a non-capped international in Bilbao in 2006 as Wales took on Euskadi at the San Mamés, scoring the only goal of the game.

So, to recap; Giggs has played 931 matches for Manchester United and 65 for Wales, bringing his total to 996.

Or, Giggs has played 931 matches for Manchester United, 65 for Wales, four for TeamGB u23s and one for Wales u21s bringing his total to 1001.

Either way, Giggs’ achievement is incredible and it will be a long time before it is matched, but it would be great if the world’s media did some research and realised that his next match will not be his 1000th match ..!