Focus on: Ian Hughes

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Nicky John

Nicky John

Monday, 2 Dec 2013, 09:30

Sgorio reporter Nicky John has been getting to know some of the players and managers in the Welsh Premier League to get an insight into what makes them tick!

This week, Nicky chats to Aberystwyth manager, Ian Hughes.

Having reached December, how do you assess the season so far?
It’s been relatively good. We’ve implemented a new way of playing and the players have adapted well to this. Younger, local players are having more of an opportunity. We’ve been hard to beat – which is important, but maybe we need to be more ruthless, braver and take further risks to win more games. I would rather win and lose a game than draw both.

What do you most enjoy about your role as manager at Aberystwyth?
I enjoy working with the players we have at the club and helping the team reach our goal. I also enjoy games under the lights at Park Avenue with our vocal fans right behind us!

There must be several ‘characters’ within your dressing room! Who’s the hardest to keep under control?!
All my players are angels!! I think its Mike Lewis who has paid the most fines this season, closley followed by Chris Venables!

Which squad members have you been most pleased with so far?
The emergance of young Jamie Butler has impressed me, he’s working hard in training and taking his chances in the team when they come along. He’s another product of our successful Academy.

What do you do from day to day when you’re not managing Aber?
I work for the Welsh Football Trust as a Coach Development Officer, which means working with coaches and players in the South Wales area.

Which opposition teams have impressed you so far this season?
Newtown have impressed me, their work ethic and the way they try and play. I’m sure this will continue under their new manager Chris Hughes.

Who is your football hero?
Zinedine Zidane made the game look so simple and always found space on the field.

Like most geniuses he did have a mad side too!

Which is your favorite away trip, and why?!
Bangor, being from Anglesey I sometimes use to watch Bangor when I was younger.

Bangor away usually means I can spend some time on the Island catching up with friends and family .

Do you remember your first football shirt as a child?!
It would have been an Everton shirt, I think NEC would have been the sponsors at the time, even though my Dad got me a Liverpool shirt at the same time, luckily my favourite colour was blue!

What are your hopes and goals for the rest of the season?
To continue to be hard to beat, improve the squad, keep more clean sheets and win more games .

If you could spend a day in anyone elses shoes, on or off the pitch, who would it be and why?!
Gary Barlow, as I could sit next to Nicole Scherzinger rather than Wyn Thomas!