From Wrexham to Wembley Way

Cefnogwyr Wrecsam
Dylan Ebenezer

Dylan Ebenezer

Tuesday, 26 Mar 2013, 14:15

Does anyone deserve to celebrate success more than Wrexham fans?

Don’t get me wrong – everyone suffers now and again watching their club – even those fortunate enough to follow Messi and the masters at Barcelona.

But Wrexham fans have had more than their fair share of suffering – they’ve had everybody else’s share as well.

And that’s why Wembley was so special.

Seeing your club slip out of the Football League is bad enough – but having to watch as your club nearly disappear altogether must be pure torture.

That was the case at The Racecourse – after years of neglect for the club at the expense of owners who were more interested in their own expenses.

They have been right to the edge – the hour of reckoning had long passed – when they were saved by their own.

The fans refused to sit back and let The Dragons die. Everyone came together to collect the money that was needed to secure the future.

From the pennies that came from people’s pocket money or pension – to the all important big bucks.

Some gave their life savings – even offering the deeds to their homes – everything for The Reds.

It’s a miracle that there’s a club still to follow – and the thanks must go to the faithful.

They were there in their thousands on Sunday. Many having to battle through heavy snow to get to London. But they’re used to fighting for the cause.

A little snow was never going to stop them.

There was a determination to enjoy whatever the outcome. But as the afternoon progressed that started to change as well.

Simply because Wrexham were worthy winners. Andy Morrell’s men were the best by far – going for it all the way to the final whistle and beyond.

Losing to Grimsby would have been totally unfair – but that’s nothing new either.

And as the tired players prepared for penalties – that old unpleasant feeling came back to the pit of your stomach. You got the feeling that there was more disappointment on the horizon.

But the Wrexham players were the coolest in the London cold – burying their spot kicks – before raising the cup, and starting the wild celebrations.

Let’s hope that there’s more celebrations to come before the end of the season – and we’ll see the team return to the Football League.

But in the meantime – the message is simple to the Wrexham fans.

Enjoy the success – you deserve it.

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