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Cortez Belle (end)
Nicky John

Nicky John

Friday, 14 Nov 2014, 12:42

Nicky John has been chatting to some familiar faces from the Welsh Premier.

This week, she catches up with Carmarthen Town’s Cortez Belle.

What has been the highlight of your season so far?
Unfortunately I can’t say there’s been a particular highlight for the season so far, but we will be looking to have one come May 2015 where hopefully Carmarthen Town can go one better than the last 2 seasons.

Has there been a worst moment?
That would definitely have to be the defeat against Pen-y-bont in the Word Cup. It would have been great to have had another great run in the cup given our success during the previous 2 years.

Which team performance has impressed you most?
That would have to be our 2 – 1 victory away at Bangor. Although they have had a difficult start to the season they are still a formidable side, and though the league table doesn’t lie I felt that for Carmarthen it was a coming of age performance.

Have any teams exceeded your expectations?
It would be easy to discuss Cefn Druids, and this may surprise you, but for me the team that in my opinion has exceeded expectations so far this season would be Carmarthen Town.

During the closed season I expected to be in for a tough year given the players that we lost; and that’s no disrespect to the players we signed during the summer – as the likes of Brooksy, Lewis Harling, Hartland and Idzi would make any team stronger.

But personally, I felt that if we stayed in the league this year then that in itself would be an achievement. Low and behold Aize has shown why he is a manager and I am still a player… I really do think he deserves more credit than he gets.

What about opposition players – anyone caught your eye?
The front line at Cefn Druids has surprised me. They all have really good movement and as you’ve seen this year so far they have the ability to upset a number of teams. They look like scoring in every game they play in.

What’s your earliest football memory?
That would be Arsenal winning the League title in 88-89 where they won it with a last minute goal.

Also, the first pair of boots my mother got me when I eventually started playing football. They were a pair of Puma Kings – I can still remember saying to her “Now I am in business”.

I was 11 years old and was never really interested in football before then.

What was your first ever football kit?
It was the 1989 Coventry City FC yellow away kit that was sponsored by Peugeot – it had a v neck with black blocks from one of the shoulder to the middle where the sponsor was.

Looking back it was a terrible kit but at the time I thought it was brilliant.

Which of your team mates are best company on a night out?!
That would have to be the “Car School” which I travel with – Paul Fowler, Kyle Bassett and Jeff White – when he’s not been bullied!

Having said that I’d have to say you want to avoid a night out with Fowler, as he is the tightest man ever. The only man I know who can go out without any money, get drunk and somehow go home with money in his pocket!

At a karaoke night, you’re most likely to perform which song?!
If I am out with Fowler and Bassett it would have to be “ I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys! It’s become the car school theme which we sing on every journey – the other boys might not thank me for this!!!

Favorite WPL away trip, and why?
I always enjoy playing at Bangor, I made my WPL debut for Llanelli against them and scored 2 goals. The second, if you can get the footage is one of the best goals I have scored! Haha.

I’ve always received a bit of stick from their fans, but Bangor have always been a well supported team and it’s always great to play in front of a big crowd.

I also enjoy going back to the clubs where I’ve previously played. I’ve always got on well with the fans of the clubs I have played for during my time in the WPL.

Who’s your football hero?
My football hero would have to be Ian Wright. Being an Arsenal fan and seeing how late he came into football was an inspiration to me. He was also a very eccentric person which is something I could relate to!

When not playing football you can be mostly found doing what?
Spending as much time as possible with my family, I have a 4 year old son and 9 month old daughter. You could split my life into 3 sections; Football, Family and work. Though I would argue I never have enough family time.

Best holiday you’ve ever been on?!
It would have to be any holidays that involve the family. It’s always great to get away and have some much needed sunshine, but when you can share this with the kids its always a worth while holiday.