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Nicky John

Nicky John

Monday, 1 Dec 2014, 11:41

Nicky John has been chatting to some familiar faces from the Welsh Premier.

This week, she chats to Bala Town’s Kieran Smith.

What are your thoughts on the season so far?
Obviously we have done a lot better than at this stage last season, so I think we can be happy with our start. There is still a long way to go though, and we must try to keep improving.
What has been the highlight for you up to this point?
 I think for me it has been the 4-0 home victory over Aberystwyth as we really struggled when we played them away earlier on in the season so it was nice to get some sort of revenge.

Reaching the Word Cup final again has been a good achievement, and the 8-1 victory over Carmarthen was nice to watch whilst I was injured!
Poorest performance?
As far as my own personal performance has been concerned, probably the 2-0 victory over Prestatyn in the Word cup semi final.

Then as a team, I think I’d say our 4-0 defeat to Aberystwyth
Which opposition player has most caught your eye?
You can’t look much further than Chris Venables. His goal scoring record since I arrived in the league has been incredible. 

I think Jason Oswell at Newtown has done well this season too. 
What about your own team mates – who’s impressed you most?
 Conno has had another good start to the season, but our new Chester boy Rob Pearson has started the season really well and it’s nice to have another lad from Chester that the lads can bully instead of me!
Who’s your football hero?
 Being an Everton fan I used to love Duncan Ferguson, but for their footballing ability I used to love watching Bergkamp and Henry play. 
Which of your team mates has the worst dress sense?!
 There is some terrible gear in the Maes Tegid dressing room!

Mike Hayes has some bad (tight!!) gear, but the Wrexham lads – Ryan Valentine and Mark Jones – are still a bit behind the times! 
Who is best company on a night out?!
The Birkenhead Bombers – Stuart Jones, Mark Connolly & Ian Sheridan are a good laugh on a night out.

Robert Pearson is the biggest lightweight and Will Bell has got the worst chat with the women!
Best holiday you’ve ever been on?
  I’ve been on a few football tours to Barbados and one to Hamburg and I think the latter might just knick it!
What do you do when you’re not playing football?
 I’ve just started a new job at MBNA on Chester Business Park. I quite like an occasional beer with the lads too! 
Favorite TV programme?
I do love this years ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’, and Sgorio of course!

Correct answer, Kieran!
Favorite away trip in the WPL?!
 Probably Rhyl. It is one of the better pitches in the league, it is fairly local and we’ve had a few good results there in recent times.
How the table will look at the end of the season?!
1. TNS
2. Bala
3. Airbus UK
4. Aberystwyth
5. Port Talbot
6. Newtown
7. Carmarthen
8. Cefn Druids
9. Connahs Quay
10. Rhyl
11. Bangor
12. Prestatyn
 If you could trade places with anyone else in the world for a day, who would you choose and why?!
Whoever Cheryl Cole has just got married too!

Tell us a random Kieran Smith fact…
I’ve just graduated from the University of Chester with a 2:1 degree in Geography with Sports Science!