Focus on: Lee Healey

Nicky John

Nicky John

Friday, 21 Nov 2014, 10:00

Nicky John has been chatting to some familiar faces from the Welsh Premier.

This week, she catches up with October’s player of the Month, Lee Healey.

October was quite a month for you – winning goal and player of the month, congratulations!
Yes it was, and I’m made up to be honest.

I’ve always tried to be patient and wait for my chance – I love football and just want to play…

Tell me about that 7 minute hat-trick against Prestatyn
I was really proud of that! We had a game plan going into the game – the gaffer came in and said the plan was to go direct from early on, and to be fair it went perfectly!

Everything that was discussed whilst we were training went to plan, and that’s testament to the efforts of the whole team.

The Sgorio cameras were also at the Rock to witness your late goal grasp a point for Cefn Druids against Airbus recently – that’s 4 points you’ve taken against the Wingmakers this season! Are you surprised at all at how well you’re doing as a team?!
No, I’m not surprised. I think the gaffer’s said that we’ve hit the ground running really. Some people wrote us off early on but we’re happy to be the underdogs – it’s taken the pressure off and worked out better for us so far!

Which team performance have you been most proud of?
Probably the win at Airbus – although I chipped the ball straight at the keeper during that match, so not my finest moment!

But as a team it was a great performance and a fantastic 3 points. I felt we dominated the game to be honest.

Which match has been most disappointing?
Our first game of the season – in the Word Cup against Denbigh – I scored what turned out to be the winning goal, but unfortunately got sent off about 20 minutes later for a 2nd bookable offence.

Which teams have you been most impressed with?
Probably Aberystwyth – they’ve been impressive against us when we’ve played them, although I do think we performed better than the scoreline suggests…

Aberystwyth 4-2 Cefn Druids Highlights

Cefn Druids 0-5 Aberystwyth Highlights

In terms of players you’ve come up against, who’s impressed you the most?
I’d say Ryan Valentine at Bala – I was really impressed with him when we played them in September, and even in pre-season, when I spent some time training with Bala before joining Cefn Druids, I could see he had something about him.

What was your first ever football kit?
It was a Liverpool one with Crown Paints as the sponsor.

Who’s your football hero?
It has to be Ian Rush – I can remember watching videos of him in the FA Cup Final of 1986 over and over when I was a kid.

What about music? Who’s on your match day playlist?!
Ha! I get hammered from the lads for it, but it’s R Kelly, and I also like to get a bit of Nelly on too.

Favorite WPL away trip, and why?
Rhyl is the best away trip for me, although I was suspended at time when we played them earlier this season.

Bangor is another obvious choice too.

What was the first football match you ever went to see?
I used to go and watch Liverpool with my old man, but I can’t remember who against as I was only about 6!

I always used to go and watch my Dad play too.

Favorite holiday destination?!
I’ll get hammered for this, but it has to be Porthmadog – I love going to Greenacres!

Can you cook?! What’s your signature dish in the kitchen?!
I can’t really cook! I’m more of a takeaway man if I’m honest!

If you could swap places with anyone for a day, who would you choose?
It has to be Ronaldo, doesn’t it?! I’d love a day in his shoes!