Focus on: Paul Fowler

Paul Fowler
Nicky John

Nicky John

Monday, 3 Mar 2014, 09:30

Sgorio reporter Nicky John has been getting to know some of the players and managers within the Welsh Premier league to get an insight into what makes them tick!

This week, Nicky chats to Carmarthen favourite, Paul Fowler.

You secured the Word Cup for the second consecutive season on penalties in January, not a bad start to 2014?!
It’s always nice to win a trophy and to play in a cup final, and to bring the Word cup back to Carmarthen was great for the club and the fans, which were fantastic on the day. So yes a great start to the year for the club!

You were also named Man of the Match in that game – a nice way to top off a successful afternoon?!
To pick up man of the match in a cup final is great. My job that day was to stop their best player from playing which I felt I did.

My uncle passed away the morning before game day so it was nice for me to dedicate my performance to him.

How much of an influence has Mark Aizlewood been on your career? You and he go way back…
I have now been playing in the league for 9 years and 7 and a half of them have been with Aize. He has been a massive part of my career and looked after me from the start.

For me he is the best manager/coach in the league, he always keeps us players on our toes, the good thing with Aize what you see is what you get if you’re having a bad time he will tell you, but then he will do everything he can to help you put it right.

Also if you’re doing well he will try and help you to do better. He’s been there and done it, so you can’t really argue with that.

What do you do when you’re not playing football?
I work in Cardiff as a Branch manager of a national painting and decorating company call Bagnalls so as you can imagine that takes up a lot of my time.

Any spare time I have I spend with my family. I’ve been with my partner for 14 years and we are finally getting married this year.

We have 3 children together so again this takes up all my spare time but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What has been your proudest moment on the pitch to date?
I don’t think I could pick one moment. Playing in Europe is a fantastic experience, also winning the Welsh Cup in my first year in the league was great.

Also playing for the Welsh semi professional team was a very proud moment for myself and my family.

… and your biggest disappointment?
Getting sent off in the semi final of the Welsh Cup a few years back against Aberystwyth for a tackle that in my opinion wasn’t even a foul, never mind a red card!

I was gutted, as we then lost the game.

Who is your football hero?
When I was growing up Paul Ince was the main man. Hard tackler, he scored goals and always seemed to be involved with everything.

Once he left United i started to enjoy watching Roy Keane – another wholoved a tackle and didn’t really care what other people thought of him. He was also a great leader on the pitch

What’s your earliest football memory?
Going to watch my father play in a cup final between Bridgend Street v Grange Quins at the old Cardiff City ground, Ninian Park. Myself and my brothers would go and watch him play every week.

What’s your favourite away trip?
I do like playing Port Talbot as they are our local rivals so it’s always a good game and it’s not that far to travel!

I also like playing at Bangor as they always get a good crowd.

Who’s the most impressive individual you’ve played against this season?
If anyone it would be Chris Hartland who has just moved to Prestatyn. I’ve never seen him score an average goal. Every goal he scores could win goal of the month.

What are your hopes for the second phase of the season?
It would be nice to finish 3rd in the league as we haven’t finnished that high since 2000/01.

I would also love to play in Europe again, so my hope would be for us to win the play offs.