Focus on: Shane Sutton

Shane Sutton 2
Nicky John

Nicky John

Tuesday, 9 Dec 2014, 10:15

Nicky John has been chatting to some familiar faces from the Welsh Premier.

This week, she chats to Newtown defender and owner of League’s most impressive beard, Shane Sutton!

Which team performance have you been most impressed with so far this season?
I think that would have to be beating Bangor 1-3 away on Bank Holiday Monday back in August.

… and the most disappointing?
I thought our match at home against Connah’s Quay back in October was a really poor performance. We lost 2-1.

Which opposition player has impressed you most this season?
It’s got to be Chris Venables, hasn’t it?!

Who do you travel with to away games, and what are they like for company?!
I usually travel with Sean Evans, Jamie Price and Luke Boundford.

Sean and Jamie just spend the journey talking about all the big players they’ve played with over the years, and Boundy sleeps the whole time.

Who works hardest in training?!
I’d say Jason Oswell – he’s always guaranteed to put in a shift.

What was your first ever football shirt?
My first football shirt was the grey Liverpool away kit back in 1991. I was only 2. Probably the worst kit I’ve ever seen as well…

What do you do when you’re not playing football?
I’m a fitness instructor, a sports coach at the local primary school, and as well as that I’ve got a shop where I work as a barber.

You’ve got a few tattoos haven’t you. Tell me a bit about them.
Well, I’ve got a few life quotes over my body, then one arm filled with some random art work.

I got my first on a family holiday to Lanzarote when I was 17.

Which 3 people would you most like to have over for dinner?!
David Beckham, James Corden and Cheryl Cole.
Cheryl definitely seems to be a popular choice!

What was your first car?
A little black Ford Fiesta. Snazzy, hey?!

Favorite film?
I’m not really a big film fan to be honest but 3 spring to mind, Man of Fire, Coach Carter and I am Legend.

Who’s in charge of the music in the Newtown dressing room, and what does it usually feature?!
Giggsy the physio is in charge. He knows how to get the lads up for a game and he’s into his tech house and 90’s anthems…

I’m not too sure about his dancing though!

While we’re on the subject of music, who’s your favorite band or musician?
That’s a tough one. I most recently though I saw Ed Sheeran at V Festival and he was brilliant. But I’ve seen lots of good live music – you can’t beat it.

Who is your football hero?
That would have to be Puyol. As a defender, growing up, he was always the best to watch.

Christmas is fast approaching. What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?!
That would have to be one off my Nan. I got a Bart Simpson onsie from her last year!

Finally, how much work goes into looking after that beard of yours?!
Not a lot! You’ve just got to be patient and let it grow!