Tim Cynhyrchu / Production staff in response to 'Juliet Gilbert'

We try to cover as much of the show as possible for all viewers, our brief for the show is to offer competition commentary in English, but this is certainly a matter we'll be discussing as we asses this year's show coverage. Thanks for letting us know.

Tim Cynhyrchu / Production staff in response to 'Chris G'

We offer English language commentary as an alternate audio feed on our main television broadcast from the show, you can watch this here on the website (link from the homepage from 9-5 during the day) or you can contact Gwifren Gwylwyr S4C for info on how to set up your own TV provider - 0870 600 4141 or e-mail:

Tim Cynhyrchu / Production staff in response to 'Gina Clarke'

This is indeed possible, but the settings vary for each different television provider - please contact S4C's Gwifren Gwylwyr for the settings for your own Tv system. They are available on 0870 600 4141 or on - we've had comments on the Sioe facebook page of users who have recorded the commentary as usual. We hope this helps.

Juliet Gilbert

It was very disappointing to find that "live English commentary" means English comment on events in the show rings only. It's very frustrating that for events outside the show rings there is no English comment. You usually have to watch an interview in Welsh - while looking at the back end of a chicken or a vase of sweet peas!
Also where there is English commentary, it is far from clear as the Welsh is too loud.
Please try harder S4C.

Chris G

Love watching the Welsh show, would love it even better if it was in English. Please help to make it happen.

Dave L

Where did Chris Tywydd get 'em shades

Gina Clarke

Fantastic that you have English commentary for the Royal Welsh .. love it!
However, as I have to work most of this week I will have to record the programme and I am very disappointed to find out that I am not able to get subtitles or English commentary on the recording. You have made so much progress having the English commentary in the live broadcasts .. but have pity on all of us who have to wait to watch recordings later in the day .. PLEASE let us have our subtitles back! I've had the same problem with Rasus and it totally spoiled it, so let's see if you care about us poor souls who can't watch the live Royal Welsh progs this week. Subtitles pretty PLEASE!


Great job with the screening but in Australia we would like to see the championships. Help please to get me back on line.

Gaynor Hill

Unable to get to the Welsh Show this year and am watching on tv instead. What a delight to find there is an English commentory..When they go into the marquees I just go back to subtitles. The best of both worlds. Thank you S4C.

Lowri Baker

Gwylio y dosbarth Cobiau o fy ngwely yn Sealand Newydd. Methu Cymru ar Royal Welsh yn ofnadwy ond braf iawn cael gweld rhan or sioe. Pob lwc i pawb sydd yn cystadlu wythnos yma.

Gina Clarke

Thank you so much for putting the English commentary on for the Winter Fair .. it made all the difference to be able to follow the classes properly. Well done to you .. how about doing the same for Rasus next year. Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Diolch i bawb ar y tim (o flaen ac y tu ol i'r camerau) am wythnos wych, bron iawn cystal a bod ynno! "Coverage" ar y we wedi bod yn gret. Thank you everybody on the team (in front of and behind the cameras), it's been almost as good as actually being there. Coverage has been great.

Suzanne Moody

Since it is a Welsh show then I can see having the commentary in Welsh, but for the overseas watchers maybe they could just name the class and the final results in English also.
I am sure we'd all appreciate it!

Richard Evans

Llongyfyrchiadau am y trosglwyddiad o Lanelwedd.
' Rwyf yn canlyn y gweithrediadau ar y wifren yn Awstralia, bob min nos am bump o'r gloch ymlaen tan oriau man y bore.
Diolch i Wyn Gruffydd am ei gyflwyniad broffesiynol.

Glenhaven Welsh Ponies & Cobs - USA

My appreciation of the technological age! I have been to the RW many times but could not get there this year even though I have a young Section A stallion showing tomorrow. Perhaps I will get to see him anyway! The only stumbling block is I will have to learn Welsh - if you listen carefully you can hear Dr Wynn's English commentary
For sure next year
Suzanne Moody



Have enjoyed the coverage so far, but unfortunately i can not seem to get it translated to English, as much as i love the sound of the Welsh language i would like to understand the commnetary.

Any pointers?

R.Blokzijl,Wezep,the Netherlands

Thank You for the opportunity to watch what's going on at the Royal Welsh Show.I was not able to come to Wales but it's so good to see a lot in this way.I'll spend quite some hours in front of my screen.Thanks again.

Ifan, Megan a Tomos Samuel

Rydyn ni a mam yn disgwyl mlaen i'r sioe eto eleni a mae'r gwyliau haf wedi dechrau. Byddwn yn teithio o'r Tymbl yn gynnar bore Mawrth a Iau gobeithio. Pob lwc i Anti Rhian ac Wncwl Gwyndaf sy'n cael eu gwyliau haeddiannol blynyddol - sef tair noson yn eu carafan newydd!! Cariad mawr i Mamgu a Dat ger Tregroes, Llandysul fydd yn gwylio o adre. Pob lwc hefyd i dim S4C gan fod y genedl gyfan yn dibynnu arnoch eto eleni i greu rhaglenni a fydd yn diddanu pawb. Helo wrth bawb ac ymlaen a'r sioe!!
Oddi wrth Ifan 12 oed, Megan 10 oed a Tomos Cerdin 7 oed. xxx

Sara Elan

Rydw i yn edrych 'mlaen i'r Sioe!

Barry Evans

Edrych yn mlaen ir sioe dydd mercher.


Dim lot i fynd tan y Sioe! Edrych mlan