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Series contributors

Dr Richard Wyn Jones

The presenter of the programme is Dr Richard Wyn Jones from the Faculty of International Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. He is a director of the Welsh Politics Institute and has published on many aspects of welsh politics. ‘Tywysogion’ was his first experience of presenting a substantial history series on television.

Professor Huw Pryce

The lecturer Huw Pryce from the Faculty of History and Welsh History, University of Wales, Bangor is responsible for writing the scripts for the series. He is also the author of the book ‘Tywysogion’. He has extensively researched the history of Wales in the middle ages, especially the church, welsh law, literacy, identity and Geoffrey of Monmouth. As well, he has edited a collection of sources, namely over 600 charters, letters and other articles concerning the welsh princes from 1120 to the conquest of Edward I in 1282-83.

Ivor Davies

Ivor Davies is an artist from Penarth and it is he who has created the pictures for the series and book. Using the historical evidence, he has succeeded in bringing form and life to the appearance of each prince.

Spencer Smith

The young archaeologist Spencer Smith contributed the archaeological expertise of the series. His work on sites such as Sycharth and Tatsfield, Surrey has created great interest in his field. His contributions on the archaeological history of the princes supports the geographical context of Welsh history.

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