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wawffactor 2003

Beth, Aimee and Lisa were the lucky ones to reach the final last year, with Lisa winning the competition. How have their lives changed since the series?

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"I completed my degree in Theatre Studies, so I've started to concentrate on my composing now. I'm supporting Amy Wadge and an American performer called Lisa Mills on their tour soon which will be great! I've also been quite busy performing on tv programmes and just finished a demo tape of my new songs to send out to various companies. I also have a group of musicians working with me which makes a big difference!

The advice I'd give to people who take part in Wawffactor this year is to try their best, and if they do well, to really listen to the advice of Kim Gavin and Caryl Parry Jones, because it's so invaluable. Their advice certainly taught me a lot about performing and presenting myself in front of an audience.

Maybe the most important thing is to not worry yourself too much if you don't succeed!"


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"Things are going really well! I'm about to record a Welsh album, and then an English one, with someone writing songs especially for me but I can't disclose his/her name! I've also been acting in a new drama called Con Passonata and have performed on Caryl Parry Jones's radio programme! I also won a competition with Red Dragon recently.

I'm definitely more confident since I did Wawffactor and what I'd say to anyone trying this year's competition is don't take things too much to heart and try your best!"


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"Well, there's been loads of change in my life in the last year! I've switched Universities and I'm now at Chester University. I've released a Welsh single named ‘Rock, Roll & Soul' which is played a fair bit on Radio Cymru, done lots of interviews, locally and nationally and just got a new agent! My ambition, more than ever, is to succeed as a singer!

I think this year's competitors should remember to listen to the judges' advice, and not to take themselves too seriously. But maybe most of all is to enjoy every second!"

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