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Denbigh / My Town/ Gaynor Morgan Rees

I was born and brought up in the Cynon Valley but after graduating from drama college I went to work for the BBC in Bangor in 1962 and I’ve lived in North Wales ever since.

We moved to Denbigh in 1984. To tell you the truth, I was working in Cardiff when I received a call from my husband to say he had put an offer on a house in Denbigh without my having seen it! We have been throughly happy in that house and in the local community from that day forward.

The location of our house is very picturesque with great views over Clwyd Vale towards the hills. When the Eisteddfod was here in 1991 I was able to see the Pavillion and the rows of marquees from the house.

[ ] As a southerner I have been warmly welcomed into the community here but I am a strong believer in the fact that you get out of something equivalent to that which you put in. And so I have joined a number of groups and concerns in the town such as the Welsh Society,Theatr Twm o’r Nant, the Town Council and am a member of Capel Mawr. By being a part of the community you meet the most wonderful characters which is both a privilege and a means of enjoyment . There is no greater joy than being in the company of the local bardic society as they compete – their knowledge and wit is quite something to behold.

As for the town itself I am a great believer in supporting our local shops. I will not go to the local supermarket unless I have failed to get what I wanted on the high street. I remember when I first moved to Denbigh I took some American friends to shop in town. They were astounded that we went from one shop to the other putting our goods on account and then accepting deliveries of the food the same afternoon. They were very envious of the friendly and trusting relationship we had with our shopkeepers.

The same feeling of trust remains today as I continue to shop in the town. Denbigh like many other towns is fighting to stave off the large shops but there will be another supermarket in due course.

I have enjoyed living in Denbigh such that I cannot understand those who having lived in a community.

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