Clwb breaks new ground in social media


The new S4C sports show Clwb will provide a platform for people to talk about sport in the Welsh language in a way that has never been used before.

Clwb kicks off on Sunday 7 September, live from the Caernarfon studio - and social media will be central to this exciting new interactive multimedia show.

The service is part of an online service which includes a brand new sports website at

For the first time ever in the Welsh language, the innovative Welsh company, Blurrt, will use technology to measure the opinions of viewers in Wales and the UK about the hot sporting issues of the day.

Blurrt technology will allow Clwb anchor presenter, Dylan Ebenezer to keep a close eye on what is being said about sport every Sunday.

Reporter Geraint Hardy, who is Capital FM’s morning radio show presenter, has joined the Clwb team specifically to oversee the social media trends and hot topics.

Blurrt, the Twitter business analysis company based in Cwmbran, which has received investment from S4C Masnachol Cyf, a subsidiary of S4C, has the technology to follow, analyse and summarise trends and attitudes on the social site Twitter.

Using the latest technology, Blurrt will send details to a special iPad message dashboard in the Clwb studio at Rondo Media production company HQ in Caernarfon.

Huw Marshall, S4C’s Digital Manager said, "This is a milestone in the history of social media in the Welsh language. Blurrt technology collects people's comments in both English and Welsh, and will set up an opinion poll reflecting what sports fans are talking about. This will provide an opportunity for viewers to have their say."

Dylan Ebenezer says, "Not only will the programme provide a platform for live rugby, live football from the Welsh Premier League, among many other sports, but it will also provide a platform for the viewers’ voice. We'd like you to be part of the conversation, so please tweet @ClwbS4C. My wife complains that I spend too much time on my iPad, so this will be the perfect excuse! We'd like to hear from you – whether it’s positive or negative, and if there is any breaking news from the world of sport during the programme, we'll discuss it immediately," says Dylan.


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