Bringing the Chair home to Bala


After the disappointment of an empty Chair at this year’s National Eisteddfod in Bala, the town is now celebrating a victory in an altogether different chair. Tonight (Thursday, October 15) Joseff Glyn Owen was crowned Mastermind Plant Cymru 2009 champion after successfully answering a range of questions in the iconic black chair.

11-year-old Joseff, a pupil at Ysgol y Berwyn, was one of five bright youngsters from across Wales to reach the competition’s final round, and in a closely-fought battle, he won the prestigious title of Mastermind Plant Cymru 2009.

In the series’ earlier rounds, Joseff answered questions on the Welsh language book series, Cyfres Gwaed Oer, but it was S4C classic TV comedy C’mon Midffild, a programme broadcast before he was even born, which he chose as his specialist subject for the final.

“Everyone likes C’mon Midffild – it was funny when it was made and it will still be funny in years to come.

“The characters are all strong and the writing is really good,” explains Joseff, who himself is a member of young people’s writing squad, Sgwad Sgwennu Gwynedd.

As everyone who has sat in the famous black chair knows, answering questions under the pressure of the single spotlight is a little different to answering from in the comfort of your own home. But, despite the pressure, Joseff was relaxed as he is used to performing in front of a live audience.

“I’m a member of an acting group in Bala and I recently took part in a pageant at this year’s National Eisteddfod,” he says about his experiences on stage.

The final was an exciting occasion and the tension was unbearable in the studio as Joseff secured a narrow victory by one point over Rhys from Cardiff.

“I wasn’t sure of the answer to the last question so I just guessed it,” he laughs. “I could hear people gasping ‘oooh…’ after I answered it correctly. I wasn’t counting the score at that point; I was just trying to concentrate on answering the questions.

“I’ve really enjoyed the experience. It was hard work preparing for the round but it has been a lot of fun, especially meeting the other contestants.”

If you’d like to test your knowledge in the famous black chair next year, visit for further information.

Viewers can enjoy the excitement of the final round on Planed Plant.

Mastermind Plant Cymru, Monday, 19 October, 5.15pm

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