S4C welcomes Licence Fee funding for 2017/18


S4C have welcomed the announcement today (Wednesday 17 February) that the channel's funding provided by the licence fee is to remain at the same level for 2017/18 as it will be for 2016/17; namely £74.5 million.

S4C Authority Chairman Huw Jones said; "We welcome this announcement about the funding provided through the licence fee, which means that our funding will remain stable for 2017/18. This is a positive and practical step following the Secretary of State's announcement on 3 February that the money which comes directly from the Government will be maintained at the same level for 2016/17 as it is for 2015/16.

"Freezing our funding at its current level until a review of the service’s needs has been completed is something we and Members of Parliament across every party have called for.

"We look forward to continuing the positive operational and strategic relationship we have with the BBC in the years to come."


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