Gelli Aur students claim Fferm Ffactor title


After seven weeks of hard grind, with their skills and knowledge of agriculture put to the test,

a team of students from a Carmarthenshire college has won the title of S4C’s Fferm Ffactor 2016. The team of three teenagers will jet over to south America for a once in a lifetime trip to South America as their prize.

Having overtaken six teams of farmers from across Wales, Tîm Gelli Aur came up against rivals Tîm Moch Môn from Anglesey in a memorable final round, which was broadcast on S4C on Saturday, 3 December. Catch up online herea>

The three victorious team members Aled Davies, Jack Davies and Carys Jones are all 18 years old and come from Llangadog. They are all undergraduates at Coleg Sir Gâr's Gelli Aur Campus in Carmarthenshire and are members of YFC Llangadog.

Jack Davies, a member of the winning team who has two jobs on dairy farms as well as working on the family farm, is delighted that his team came out on top:

“We really didn’t expect to do so well! To be honest, we had quite a shock that we had reached the final but it's such an honour to win the competition," says Jack.

This year’s competition featured a good mix of families, groups of friends and students, and more young competitors than ever. Despite still being in their teens, Jack recognises that their age hasn’t hindered their ability to reach the top:

"Although we're all young, it proves that young people can go for it as well as older ones in competitions like this. It also shows that there is enough enthusiasm and skill among young people in agriculture, and that there’s a bright future for the industry," adds Jack, who has become something of a celebrity around campus since his appearance on the show!

"We've had a great response from everyone at the college. We're very proud to have represented Coleg Gelli Aur and putting it on the map so to speak. It's a great feeling that the lecturers are proud of us.

"Aled, Carys and I have enjoyed every moment of the competition. We didn’t know what to expect at first, but we've had a lot of fun. We’ve been good friends since school, so we work well as a team.”

Tîm Gelli Aur is yet to decide which area to visit on their South American trip, organised by Teithiau Tango with insurance by Farmers’ Union of Wales – but they can't wait!


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