Ten projects shortlisted for Cinematic scheme


Ten teams of Welsh writers, directors and producers have been shortlisted for Ffilm Cymru Wales’ Cinematic feature film scheme, financed in partnership with S4C and BFI, with additional support from Fields Park Entertainment and Warner Music Supervision.

The slate demonstrates both the diversity of supported talent, and the scope of their stories and styles. Ffilm Cymru Wales representative Adam Partridge remarks, “It really is encouraging to see the breadth of talent from Wales, and to be able to support a wide range of voices and perspectives. The projects range from comedy capers to elevated horror, and even an opera film. We hope there’s something here for everyone!”

The selected projects and teams are:

Crazy Bitch - Director: Prano Bailey-Bond; Writer: Emma Millions; Producer: Helen Jones

A woman’s unexpected pregnancy triggers the haunting memories of a past life that was violently ended at the hands of psychiatric doctors.

Gwrach - Director: Lee Haven Jones; Writer: Siwan Jones; Producer: Roger Williams

A mysterious young woman terrorises her colleagues at a supermarket in this Welsh language horror about the power of nature.

Han’s Dynasty - Writer-Director: Guymon Cheung

Vastly different lives collide in interweaving tales of race, loss and retribution

Lavish - Writer/Director: Margaret Constantas; Composer: Judith Weir; Producers: Margaret Constantas and Philip Cowan

A cinematic opera made up of three allegorical tales set in contemporary Cardiff.

Not a True Story - Writer-Director: Ozgur Uyanik; Producers: Gareth I. Davies and Ozgur Uyanik

After publishing an inflammatory play in his homeland, a famous Turkish writer’s life of self-imposed exile in the Welsh countryside descends into paranoia and a desperate fight for survival.

Nuclear - Director: Catherine Linstrum; Writers: Catherine Linstrum and David John Newman; Producer: Stella Nwimo

In a small village under the shadow of a nuclear power station, a mother and her teenage daughter seek refuge from a brutal attack. But they soon discover that their sanctuary is full of ghosts that threaten to destroy them from the inside out.

The Promise - Director: Gareth Bryn; Writer: Caryl Lewis; Producers: Ed Talfan and Mark Andrew

A young girl endures a bleak and punishing existence in an isolated Welsh community at the end of the 19th century. Finding her prayers to God falling on deaf ears, she turns instead to the Devil.

Sorted - Writer-Director: Keri Collins; Producer: Sarah Brocklehurst

In this comedy caper, two young women trying to pay off their student debt with minimum-wage jobs at the mail sorting office find opportunity in a parcel containing guns and an incriminating photograph of a local politician.

Take Me Home - Writer-Director: David Howard; Producer: Rik Hall

A woman discovers the frozen body of a Martian in her basement, and embarks upon a journey to return him to his home planet.

The Toll - Director: Ryan Hooper; Writer: Matt Redd; Producer: Tom Betts

A darkly-comic thriller about a lone toll-booth operator with a past that is fast catching up with him.

The teams will now progress into the development phase, including training supported by the sector skills council Creative Skillset, and led by experienced facilitator Angus Finney, who manages the annual Production Funding Market and Micromarkets in London. The focus will be on both creatively progressing the work, and carefully considering the market opportunities for the supported projects. Training providers include a range of industry experts, including experienced producers Julie Baines (Creep, Triangle) and Emily Leo (Under the Shadow), director Ben Parker (The Chamber, OTM Entertainment), and sales and distribution representatives Jezz Vernon (Port Royal London, formerly of Metrodome) and Deborah Rowland (We are the Tonic).

S4C’s Drama Content Commissioner, Gwawr Martha Lloyd adds; "Having taken great pride in the films born out the first Cinematic scheme, S4C is very excited to embark on the second round of stories. Cinematic is an opportunity to bring forward talents in the field of film and I am in no doubt that we will continue to build writing relationships with new and emerging talent, as well as encouraging more experienced writers to step in to world of film for the first time. I can't wait to see the results."

Senior BFI executive, Mary Burke comments “The BFI are happy to continue our support for strong Welsh talent through Cinematic, and we're looking forward to seeing how the projects unfold over the course of development from the teams selected.”

The Cinematic programme will culminate in the selection and production of three of the features that go through development. But as Partridge notes, “The scheme generates more value than the final three films – as it looks to build relationships and ways of working across the pool of talent.” Previous films produced through Cinematic comprise Craig Roberts’ directorial debut Just Jim, Euros Lyn’s adaptation of Fflur Dafydd’s Welsh-language novel Y Llyfgrell / The Library Suicides, and Chris Crow’s historical chiller The Lighthouse.

For more information go to the Ffilm Cymru Wales website


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