Prince Charles hails S4C’s Drovers Project


HRH The Prince of Wales has hailed S4C’s drovers project Y Porthmon during his visit to Llanwrtyd Wells in mid Wales today (1 July).

As HRH The Prince of Wales continues his journey of Wales, S4C is currently broadcasting a series of programmes Y Porthmon which follows a special re-enactment of an old drover’s journey from Machynlleth to Brecon.

The two worlds came together in Llanwrtyd Wells as the Prince and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, visited Victoria Hall in the town to see an exhibition of 1930s costumes and a selection of drover pictures drawn by local school children.

Whilst there, the Prince was interviewed by Shân Cothi, presenter of the Y Porthmon series, which is being broadcast every night this week on S4C.

HRH The Prince of Wales was very impressed with S4C’s drover's re-enactment and the whole idea of the TV programme.

Prince Charles said: “What you’re doing is such a good idea - it’s marvellous. The drovers’ history is such a fascinating subject. I hadn’t appreciated it until I read about it recently. They would travel huge distances. Some would drive from mid Wales all the way to Kent and it would take three weeks. There must have been such a wonderful camaraderie associated with it.”

As Shân greeted the members of the Royal Family, S4C’s very own drover, Ifan Jones Evans, continued the penultimate leg of the journey from Tregaron to Llanwrtyd in his bid to re-enact drover Dafydd Isaac’s journey between Machynlleth and Brecon in the 1930s.

Ifan has trained intensely for months and is joined throughout the week by Erwyd Howells, a local shepherd, and Ifan’s dog, Nan.

The presenter has been overwhelmed by the level of support he’s received from the local communities throughout the week.

Ifan, a farmer’s son from Pontrhydygroes, said, “It’s such a boost when you come face to face with the public along the route. This challenge is both physical and mental and the phenomenal support I’ve had so far has really helped me along the way. Thank you to everyone and if you see me out and about on the last leg, come over and say hello!”

You can follow Ifan’s journey on Y Porthmon tonight (Thursday) at 20:25, tomorrow night (Friday) and Saturday night on S4C.

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