S4C joins NHK's 'The Body' series


Japanese public broadcaster NHK and Welsh-language public-service broadcaster S4C announced at the MIPTV market that they are collaborating on a major new science series, 'The Body', which will provide fresh and far-reaching insight into how the human body works.

The groundbreaking series, due for completion in spring 2018, combines cutting-edge science and the latest UHD imaging technology to show how our organs and cells interact with each other in a dynamic way through mutual communication.

The series will be produced initially in Japanese. It will provide a spectacular view inside our bodies and show remarkable interactions that can be likened to an inner social network. Scrutinising body cells and even smaller elements such as molecules, it will show, for instance, that the kidneys are involved in blood pressure control and thus affect our longevity; that bones have an important function of delaying aging; and that substances released from muscle tissues activate the workings of other organs and can thus alleviate diabetes and heart diseases.

'The Body' will air in eight parts on NHK and in three parts on S4C. The two broadcasters are calling for more co-production partners to come on board.

S4C's Head of Content Distribution, Llion Iwan said, "We are delighted to announce ou co-production with NHK, one of the world's most respected public service broadcasters. We believe that the series will draw worldwide interest, presenting breakthrough medical and scientific knodawledge in an entertaining, innovative way. There is no better place to launch this series than the world's premier television and digital content market in Cannes."

NHK's Takehiro Asai conceived the project and is the executive producer of the series. He said, "A huge and mysterious network exists inside our bodies, and we are excited to be able to share that with the world. Shooting is going well and we're delighted that S4C has come on board as our first co-production partner on this major series. We look forward to working together with them to show viewers the body's inner workings in ways that will overturn conventional thinking."


About NHK

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is Japan's sole public broadcaster. Funded almost entirely by receiving fees from Japanese households, it has a reputation for impartial, high-quality programming. NHK reaches about 50 million households via four nationwide channels.

About S4C

S4C is the only Welsh-language TV broadcaster and is funded by the licence fee, along with direct government grant aid and commercial funding. It broadcasts over 100 hours of programmes a week in Welsh, with a wide range of genres produced by independent companies, along with BBC Wales and ITV Wales. S4C series and programmes have been sold to over 100 countries and regions since the channel was established.

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