Comprehensive coverage on S4C over the 2017 General Election Campaign


As the election campaign intensifies S4C will be offering a comprehensive array of programmes on the 2017 General Election campaign.

Teams of presenters, commentators and reporters will travel across Wales to bring a raft of programmes that will offer something for everyone. They will be discussing the issues that are important to the electors as well as in-depth analysis and interviews and putting the political parties and their policies under the spotlight.

BBC Wales and ITV Wales will be producing the programmes for S4C. The coverage begins on Tuesday, 23 May on S4C at 9.30 as Pawb a’i Farn visits Bangor for a special programme. Dewi Llwyd will be at the helm and will also visit Maesteg on 25 May as the residents there have an opportunity to voice their opinions on political issues that concern them.

Another BBC production O’r Senedd will broadcasts every Tuesday at 10.00 throughout the campaign and analyse all the events and political debate. Vaughan Roderick will also be offering a unique commentary on the developments during First Minister's Questions in Parliament.

Catrin Haf Jones and Dylan Iorwerth will be at the helm for ITV Cymru Wales as they present three special programmes Y Ras i 10 Stryd Downing every Wednesday at 9.30. They will be putting the political leaders and their policies under the microscope and will also be joined by special guests that will be looking at the work of the political parties.

There is also an opportunity for young people to have their say during the campaign with a special edition of Hacio'n Holi from Swansea. Sion Jenkins will present a special programme with an audience of young people and a unique opportunity for them to challenge and ask questions to five representatives from the political parties. This program will be broadcast on 1 June at 9.30.

On election night and through to the early hours of June 9, Dewi Llwyd and Vaughan Roderick will bring the results and updates as they are announced as well as expert opinion and analysis.

Llion Iwan, Head of Content Distribution and Current Affairs at S4C said;

"The programmes on S4C over the election period are extremely wide-ranging and comprehensive and we are extremely proud of what we are offering. It offers something for everyone - from in-depth analysis, inquisitive questioning and challenging conversations. It will be a comprehensive guide to our audience over the 2017 General Election campaign."

See S4C schedule for full details of the coverage.

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