S4C’s Stwnsh presenters to take over schools across Wales


Schoolchildren in Wales can expect fun and mischief over the next few weeks when presenters of S4C’s service for children age 7–13, Stwnsh, will land in various locations across the country.

Geraint Hardy, Tudur Phillips, Lois Cernyw, Eleri Griffiths, Owain Gwynedd are Anni Llŷn are the presenters on the tour. They will start in schools from the Neath and Swansea area.

The team will also travel to primary schools in Carmarthenshire, Gwynedd and South East Wales.

The school visits comes as Stwnsh launches an exciting autumn schedule. New series to be broadcast soon include music series Yr Ysgol Roc (Rock School) and Mentro, the series which invites individuals and groups to swap talents with others and learn a new skill.

In November, viewers can learn more about the business and entrepreneurial world in Busnesa, an insight into nature with RhyfeddOD, and we’ll get a behind the scenes look at a zoo in Morthwyl, Mwd a Mwnci. Old favourites will also return to the small screen – soap opera for young people, Rownd a Rownd; games and mischief in Stwnsh ar y Ffordd and comedy series Jac Russell.

Stwnsh is broadcast for two hours every day between 16:00 and 18:00. Beyond the television output, there are games, series information and viewing facilities available on the website,

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