New Stwnsh game available to download


GLWP is the first multi-player game to be released as an app from the Stwnsh – S4C’s service for children and young people – website and it’s now available to download for free.

The GLWP game, which was designed by Cube Interactive on behalf of production company Boomerang+ – who produce Stwnsh’s daily output, is free and can be downloaded from iTunes to mobile devices like the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and works on the iPad. It will also be available for use on Android devices.

In the game, each player will have their own colour and their goal will be to cover the screen in their colour before the others. GLWP is also available to play on the Stwnsh website –

Byti – the first game from Stwnsh designed as an app – is still available. Stwnsh will release new games available for download throughout the year to play repeatedly and collect in your phone’s archive.

S4C’s Head of Children Services, Siân Eirian, says: “S4C continues to break new ground in new technology for children and young people and this latest development of offering a Welsh language multi-player game is a perfect example. The game also reflects the development to the Stwnsh service, which already includes an interactive website to support the on-screen output.”

It is now possible to watch many of Stwnsh’s programmes – and other popular S4C series including Pobol y Cwm, Porthpenwaig, Cyw and Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol – on your mobile phone by downloading the S4C Clic app.

S4C Clic is a bilingual app and is available for free. At the moment, the app is only available on the iPhone but the channel is developing versions of the app for the iPad and iPod Touch.


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