Changes to S4C’s Heno programme


S4C has announced that changes will be made to the evening magazine programme ‘Heno’ in May following reaction and comments from viewers during the first few weeks of transmission.

Production Company Tinopolis and S4C have listened to viewers and decided to make changes to the content and style of the programme in order to place more emphasis on establishing a close relationship with audiences across Wales and reflect community activities.

There will be less studio content and more coverage what’s happening in communities in all parts of Wales. Further details will be published at a later date.

As part of the proposed changes, Tinopolis’ office in Caernarfon will re open in order to ensure regular coverage of north and mid Wales on ‘Heno’.

Some changes will also be made to the afternoon magazine programme ‘Prynhawn Da’ again in response to viewers’ comments.

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