S4C contributes to Cerdd Dant Society website


S4C has worked with Cymdeithas Cerdd Dant Cymru to provide video clips on the Society's new website.

The new website includes video clips of performances at the Gŵyl Gerdd Dant Glannau Menai 2010 festival which was broadcast live on S4C.

The Society asked for the footage to show examples of different Cerdd Dant singing. Delyth Vaughan, Administrative Officer for Cymdeithas Cerdd Dant Cymru, explains:

"The clips have been put on the new website to show the different forms of singing Cerdd Dant. It also shows how the music tradition has evolved since the early period where there would only be solo singers to add two, three, four voices and even choirs," says Delyth.

"The website aims to showcase Cerdd Dant in a fresh new way and move the Society forward into the twenty-first century."

S4C will broadcast live from this year's festival - Gŵyl Gerdd Dant Sir Conwy 2012 - which is held in November.

Dafydd Rhys, S4C's Content Director, "One of S4C's key objectives is to reflect life and events in Wales, including our major cultural events such as the Cerdd Dant Festival.

"We're proud that our partnership with the Cerdd Dant Society has enabled us to share material in this way and allowed us to make the most of our product."

You can watch the clips on the website now


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