S4C Chief Executive launches feasibility study into decentralisation of Channel


S4C Chief Executive Ian Jones has launched a feasibility study into locating the organisation on 3 main sites across Wales rather than one main site in Cardiff.

Back in August this year at the National Eisteddfod in the Vale of Glamorgan, Mr Jones revealed his desire to decentralise parts of S4C, subject to cost and practicality, by spreading the business across 3 sites – possibly one in mid or west Wales as well as one in the south and one in the north.

Now in an article in the Daily Post to mark 30 years since S4C was established, Ian Jones has confirmed that the concept is to be progressed formally as an internal group carries out a feasibility study. He also reiterated his determination to ensure that economic benefits from S4C’s activities should be shared amongst all areas of Wales where possible.

S4C Chief Executive Ian Jones said:

“S4C already does an enormous amount to ensure that the money we spend on programmes is spent in all areas of Wales. Studies have shown that around 2000 jobs are supported by what we do Wales-wide, but I’m determined to explore every opportunity to do more.

“Currently S4C has 2 sites - our headquarters in Llanishen in Cardiff and a much smaller office in Caernarfon. This arrangement works well, especially as two of our five programme commissioners are based in Caernarfon. So given that we know that we can operate successfully from more than one site, why not look at further decentralisation of our business?

“One of the biggest challenges our communities throughout Wales face is the lack of jobs and training opportunities within those areas. If S4C can do more to provide more local employment opportunities in more areas, then I’m very interested in putting plans in place.”


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