S4C appoints new manager - to target digital developments


S4C has announced that it has appointed a new Digital Manager to lead the channel in the work of strengthening the broadcaster's presence on new platforms.

S4C’s Digital Manager Huw Marshall will work closely with the channel’s commissioners to ensure that interactive services are commissioned alongside television programmes. Huw will also ensure that additional digital content will be made available to S4C audiences.

Huw Marshall has specialised in new media developments and in recent years has been running his own company providing new media consultancy services.

Last week, the S4C Chief Executive Ian Jones said that he wanted the Channel’s coverage to be available on every possible platform.

S4C's Director of Content, Dafydd Rhys:

"We already provide programmes on-demand online and we are starting the process of developing content which will include apps and digital educational programmes. However, new media is developing rapidly and the challenge for S4C is to ensure that our audiences can watch programmes whenever, however and wherever they want. In addition, there are also many opportunities for us to provide additional digital content to attract online audiences.

"I'm looking forward immensely to working with Huw so that we can develop our provision further and ensure that what we can meet the demands of the new digital age.”

Huw Marshall, S4C Digital Manager said,

"S4C has shown that it serious about embracing developments in digital media. I will be working closely with all the stakeholders, producers, organisations and individuals who are providing platforms through the medium of Welsh in these exciting times.

“Over the next twelve months, in my new role as S4C Digital Manager, I aim to develop a wide range of digital content which will offer more to our current audiences and also attract new audiences.

“The aim is to put S4C at the heart of the new digital landscape in Wales.”



Huw starts in his post as S4C’s new Digital Manager immediately.

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