First ever Welsh Language Console Game in development with S4C funding


"Landmark Development" for Welsh language and a boost for Wales' creative industries

Welsh Language Broadcaster S4C, the Welsh Government and Welsh games developer Wales Interactive have officially announced that work has begun on a console game which will be the first ever available to play in Welsh.

The game which will be released in autumn 2013 will come with two language options, Welsh and English. The game is called Enaid Coll in Welsh and Master Reboot in English.

Enaid Coll/Master Reboot is a psychological puzzle adventure set in a futuristic world where precious memories can be saved to enjoy forever in the virtual world known as "the Soul Cloud". You've died and you're on the way to the Cloud to re-live your favourite memories when suddenly, something goes wrong. You're on a deserted beach and you have no idea who or where you are. Why did this happen? Was it deliberate? Was it meant to happen to you or to someone else? To discover the answers you must venture into the Cloud and decipher challenging clues and puzzles within old memories all the while avoiding the antivirus that are determined to get rid of you once and for all.

The game features a unique visual style, atmospheric soundtrack, intriguing story-line and slick adventure game action.

S4C’s Digital Manager, Huw Marshall described the game as a landmark development for the Welsh language.

Huw Marshall said: "This truly is a landmark development for the Welsh language within the sphere of digital development. S4C is not only focussed on providing cutting edge content in the Welsh language, we are also determined to do all we can to look for innovative commercial projects which can bring economic benefits to Wales.

"Enaid Coll/Master Reboot is a really exciting project based on a brilliant concept which will no doubt appeal to a wide ranging audience across the world. What is great about this product is that Welsh speaking users will be able to play the game in their own language, just as speakers of languages across the world are used to doing. We very much hope that this will boost the profile of the Welsh language as well as appealing to audiences on a purely creative level."

Welsh Government Economy Minister, Edwina Hart said: "Games development is a rapidly expanding field within creative industries – one of our key growth sectors so it’s excellent news to hear of this latest project from Wales Interactive.

"It will not only have the distinction of being the first console game available in Welsh but also has the potential to raise the profile of the expertise in Wales within this niche sector.

"Wales Interactive has been very successful in creating entertainment apps that are published worldwide and the Welsh Government is pleased to support its move into developing console titles through the Digital Development Fund."

Dai Banner, Managing Director of Bridgend-based Wales Interactive and co-creator of Master Reboot said: "Enaid Coll/Master Reboot is a first person psychological adventure game set inside the virtual world of the Soul Cloud. It is a significant title for the growth of the games industry in Wales and will contribute to establishing Wales as an emerging force in this sector.

"Enaid Coll/Master Reboot is unique in many ways, not only is it the first Welsh language console title but it also has a unique visual style, intriguing storyline and the lead designer is female. The games development industry is still heavily male dominated and having Sarah Crossman as the lead visionary behind the title opens the product up to a new and wider audience of gamers. It’s that female influence which makes the game stand out and open up a whole new market for us, we’ve aimed not to follow the crowd and to create something truly original."

Enaid Coll/Master Reboot has been previewed on an array of leading gaming news sites including PC Games, Gamezebo, Indiestatic and RockPaperShotgun and is already generating some great comments and fans.

Some quotes so far:

"Master Reboot looks like a gorgeous and haunting adventure through a unique world that should appeal to fans of multiple genres," Gamezebo.

"From concept to art style to the wonderful trailer, it’s a breath of fresh, creepy air," RockPaperShotgun.

"A gorgeous indie horror," PC Gamer.


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