S4C to broadcast programmes online first


This week S4C will be breaking new ground by broadcasting a programme online before it's broadcast on the television Channel. This is the first time that the Channel has released one of its programmes online before the on-screen broadcast.

The series which has been chosen for the trial is Y Lle: Ochr 1; a popular music series for young people produced by Antena. The new series starts on S4C on Wednesday 30 October at 10.00pm, but viewers can catch the first episode four days prior to the TV broadcast on Clic, the Channel's online on demand service.

History will be made on Sunday 27 October as the programme will be available online first on from 9.00pm onwards.

As the number of young people who watch their favourite programme online on mobile devices increases it is hoped that this initiative will ensure that S4C's content for young people is available in the most appropriate places and that it will also spark discussions about the various possibilities involved with broadcasting.

S4C's Director of Content, Dafydd Rhys said:

"The nature of broadcasting is changing quickly and it's crucial that we change and adapt accordingly as well. For a percentage of the audience sitting down at a certain time to watch television is quickly becoming and old-fashioned concept.

"It'll be interesting to see the audience's reaction and to see if this type of set up works better for Ochr 1's younger audience, bearing in mind that some of us who are over fifty also enjoy Y Lle: Ochr 1 – a programme which gives a stage to alternative, rock and pop music from all parts of Wales.

"The traditional timetable is still important to a vast proportion of our audience of course, but S4C is determined to move with the times and adjust our plans to satisfy the changing needs of the viewers."

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