More to come from DCI Mathias – S4C announce Y Gwyll / Hinterland will return


As the first series of Y Gwyll / Hinterland comes to an end on S4C, the Channel has announced that work has already begun on developing a new series.

DCI Tom Mathis' first outing on screen came to an end tonight (Thursday 21 November) with a chilling and dramatic conclusion – leaving viewers wanting more.

But with the series due to appear on other networks who have bought the rights to show it, S4C's Drama Commissioner, Gwawr Martha Lloyd, revealed that the Channel is working with the producers on plans to bring us more of Y Gwyll in the future.

S4C's Drama Commissioner, Gwawr Martha Lloyd, says:

"Y Gwyll was an exceptionally good series and it's apparent from the public response that it has been appreciated by viewers from Wales and beyond. The end of the series on S4C has raised more questions about the enigmatic detective's chequered past, and sparked a desire to see more. Of course, I won't say anything that may spoil the experience for the many people who have been watching through S4C's on demand service, Clic, and are yet to see the ending.

"I'm pleased to confirm that there is more of Y Gwyll to come, and in time, we will announce further details about when the viewers can expect to see it on S4C.

"Although this series has now ended on S4C, it's not too late for people to catch up with every episode on Clic, but they won't be there long, so don't miss your chance to see this much talked about series."

You can watch the two final programmes of the series together in the double episode at 9.00pm on Sunday night, 24 November, with on-screen English subtitles. The entire series is available online, on demand, on Clic –


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