S4C soap celebrates thousandth episode


One of S4C's most popular programmes is celebrating a significant milestone as the soap series Rownd a Rownd reaches its thousandth episode tonight (Tuesday 14 January 7.30).

And the milestone will go with a bang when a caravan explodes in a ball of flames.

But who is responsible for the fire? With several suspects in the frame, viewers will be kept guessing for some weeks yet before someone will have to face his or her comeuppance.

It's over eighteen years since the series first hit our screens in September 1995, and the latest milestone is a cause for celebration and pride for the executive producers, Sue Waters and Robin Evans, at Caernarfon based production company Rondo Media.

"Reaching the thousandth episode is a credit to everyone who has worked on the series over the years, the cast and crew. Nobody is more shocked than I am that we're still here almost twenty years later!" says Sue Waters, Executive Producer of Drama at Rondo Media, who has produced Rownd a Rownd from the very beginning along with colleague Robin Evans.

"We also thank the people of Menai Bridge for being so supportive from the start," adds Sue, paying tribute to the Anglesey village which is home to the set.

"We had little under ten weeks to transform an old glazing warehouse in the heart of the village to be a set for the series, and we're still there now – although there have been many changes over the years."

As well as developing the set, the series content and structure have also changed. It was launched in 1995 as a short drama series for children and young adults, with the story based around a paper round. Although it had stayed true to its roots, with a young cast still at its core, over the years it has expanded to include more adult characters which have allowed the storyline to feature adult themes reaching far beyond the paper round.

This is reinforced by the latest significant change to the series. In April 2013 the soap was moved from its early evening slot at 6.10pm to the heart of the S4C schedule at 7.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"Rownd a Rownd has evolved over the years. It has grown up with the audience and matured with its followers," says Sue, suggesting that there are more changes planned for 2014. "We look forward to the next thousand episodes, and there are big changes afoot for the coming year. You'll have to keep your eyes on the screen to see what!"

S4C Drama Commissioner, Gwawr Martha Lloyd, says, "There is credit for everyone who is, and has been, involved with the series. Rownd a Rownd has reached this significant milestone at the start of an exciting year as it evolves and matures even further, as it has done with each year. The dramatic storyline for the thousandth episode is a taste of the excitement which will keep us glued to the screen for years to come."


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